3 Things I'm Obsessing Over this Week: Addicted to Color!


Blogger Faves of the Week!

Today I'm sharing with you 3 things I'm obsessed with this week!

Youtuber I'm Obsessed with this Week
Brittany Balyn
I've been obsessed with colored hair...yes I'm jumping on the bandwagon haha! Brittany Balyn's hair is sooo pretty and she does the coloring herself. Btw doesn't she look like Nicole Richie...Living!!!

Although I could never pull off Dyed hair on my real hair I totally just got a teal wig from an etsy shop that I'm obsessed with! The one downside to the wig is that it's not a lace front so the front looks weird! But I really love this etsy shop though so I may try bangs next! But it looks great with headbands, hats, and cute scarves! If you know of any etsy shops that sell really cool cosplay wigs please let me know...I'm on the hunt! Check out more from this shop here!

Colored Walls
Guys I've finally found colored walls! I  went to Richmond Virginia over the weekend for a graduation and seen soooo many graffiti walls and colorful patterns! When I went younger I became obsessed and haven't been the same since! I literally obsess over peoples Instagram feeds that have colored walls!

Favorite Instagram Feed
Aww. Sam Her Instagram feed is bomb...literally a color bomb of explosion! I'm obsessed! She creates one of the most fun photoshoots not to mention her blog is amazing too! I've definitely got inspiration from her when it comes to how I like to do photoshoots for my blog and instagram!

 FYI: When I first started out blogging and instagramming I thought everything needed to be a minimal theme either white or black. Like every blogger and instagrammer would do this...no hate they do it so good! So I thought I had to do the same thing but that didn't make me happy! Color Makes me happy and I finally have come into my own style and I love it! OK sappiness over haha!

Ok have you noticed a theme...ITS ALL ABOUT THAT COLOR BABY! Yep as many of you already know I'm obsessed with color especially if you see my Instagram feed! I'll be honest I haven't felt the best lately mentally wise (I may touch basis on that in another post but I don't know if anyone wants to hear it lol) but looking at a lot of color really makes me happy!

Always find some light in the darkness or in my case color :)

What's Your favorite Color and Why?
By the way mine is a pretty blue and pink haha!

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  1. Loved this post and you are rocking that teal hair, sure I would love to hear your story.
    Have a great night

  2. Other online shops I know that sell wigs are uniwigs or donalovehair. Maybe you can google them and see if they have wigs you wanna rock? The teal one looks so good on you! I am considering on buying coloured wigs myself as I can't always have to dye my hair a lot of different colours xD