DIY Super Unique Mother's Day Gift!!!


Personalized Mother's Day Gift Idea!

Don't know what to give mom on Mothers Day...
I got you covered!

Today I'm coming to you with a Mother's Day Gift idea! Did you see my super easy gift idea for breakfast in bed here! These gift ideas are very easy to make and so budget friendly! So if you are still trying to figure out what to give mom on her special day, you know Color U Bold got you covered!

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A little extra touch to moms breakfast in bed ;)

Mother's Day Card
Every mom loves a handwritten card so I can never do a mother's day gift idea without a card being featured! This one is so easy to make and its a 2 in 1 Gift literally! I added a cute embellished hair clip that she can later just pop on her hair for some extra flare!
If you love to draw, GET CREATIVE!
What You Need
1.Plain Stock Paper
In color will do, I used beige paper from a drawing book that I have!
2.Design Card Stock Paper
I love double sided designs 
3.Hair Clip(Optional)
Pick a cute one that you know she will love!
4.Washi Tape
I'm using the one from this DIY here
I like the stick glue its less messy ;)
Get create with the Designs!

1.Trace out your card. I used another birthday day card that I had laying around for the outline
2.Cut out your card 
3.Cut out a smaller piece that is big enough for your message
I wrote I love you mom
4.Glue that piece to your design paper
5.Get your Washi Tape and center it between the smaller piece where you wrote your message
*Flip to Back*
(Optional if you have a double sided design paper)
6. Cut out an additional piece of your white or beige card stock paper for another message 
I used a double sided design for this and then cut out a beige piece of paper
*I created a cute design on the back*
7.Instead of glue put your washi tape on the edges.

Perfume in a Jar
I love this little gift idea! Its so easy and smells great! This heart shape jar was from a craft store where I live!The flowers give it an adorable touch that aids with the washi tape. What I love about putting a cork in it literally is that it soaks up the perfume and lets the smell invade the air. When ever she needs a dab of it on just take it off and put it on!
 What You Need:
1. Perfume or anything that smells good
2.Fake Flowers
3. Washi Tape
4.Jar with a cork
 *preferably heart shaped*
(I got this jar from a craft store)

Directions(So simple)
  1. Fill Jar up with your mom's favorite smelling fragrance
  2. Put the cork on the jar
  3. Get a stem of flowers and put it in a hole on the cork(I cut a hole in the cork for easy access)
  4. Wrap the washi tape around the center of the jar for added cuteness!
Put it all together and what do you have...
A Mother's Day Gift Box!!!
So what I like to do with the Items that I created from this post and last post is to put it in a cute little container or box! 

Here I added a print I got from a craft store that can also be hung up in a frame!

In the comments
What gifts will you be giving mom this Mother's Day?


  1. You are so creative and this is a thoughtful gift. :)

  2. You are incredibly talented, Jasmine, I love all of these ideas you've shared here! Any mom would love and appreciate any of these gifts because they'd really come from the heart. My mom loves handmade or handwritten cards, it's so much more personal because you either have to take the time to make them or take the time to find one that reflects her and your relationship! I also love the perfume bottle idea. Again, great post and extremely helpful! I hope you have an an amazing week ahead, girlie!



  3. What an amazing gift! I love how creative it is, and I know that my mom would SO appreciate it!

  4. Love these ideas! So creative!

    xx Lindsey

  5. So cute and thoughtful! I love this idea! <3

    X's and O's!

  6. So cute! :) Homemade gifts & wrapping are so thoughtful and sweet.


  7. These are super cute!! And perfect for Mother's day!

    Adi xx