I'm Obsessed with What?!?! Summer Vibes

Seriously Why are You Not obsessed?!?

I went on vacation for my birthday weekend! It was so much fun and I was able to finally relax a bit! Something I've been needing for awhile! I realized how much I loved going to the beach, playing in the ocean, and even realizing doggy paddling in the pool isn't really considered swimming, ha! Nonetheless it was worth every minute of it! If you love the beach you have to get yourself out there at least once this summer it seriously calms you down and mellows you out from all the stress in your life!

Rompers and Flowy Dresses
Who knew these 2 things could legit set me for life in #OOTD summer inspiration!!! I've been rocking rompers and flowy dresses all weekend long! I even found a bunch of rompers and dresses at the goodwill...Yasssss at the GOODWILL! I'm seriously in love so stay tuned for a MEGA Try On Haul with everything I got from this past weekend!!!

Tell me in the comments below what is your summer style?!

I don't have a Sephora where I lived and was always hesitant to buy online from them especially if It wasn't a palette. But guys I'm obsessed now! I recently, actually this weekend, was able to go to an actual Sephora! First of all I felt like a complete newbie. Second I realize that my makeup was nothing compared to these makeup artist and customers that I seen*insert crying emoji here.* Instead of running out and dumping all of my makeup in a crying river of Instagram shame. I stayed and I looked at so many things that I've been wanting to try. I decided on the Kat Von Di Lock it Concealer because it was cheaper than that 30-something dollar foundation! I also got the Anastasia dip brow pomade...Instagram brows coming through yall! I knew I had already gone over my budget and then I seen all of the samples near the counter and I. WENT. CRAZY.... BTW New Makeup Haul Coming tomorrow!!!

So I hope you all enjoyed the things I'm obsessed with this week!
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What are you obsessed with this week?


  1. I always prefer rompers before dresses, just because to me they're more comfortable :)

  2. I love rompers, they're so comfy! Lovely post.


  3. My summer style includes maxi dresses and lots and lots of floral prints!

    Aqy | www.skinnydecxflatte.blogspot.com

  4. I am more on rompers, though i also love flowy dress but rompers are the cutest, Good for you, you enjoyed much your summer, i've been to beaches the past few months but i wanted to go back. There's no place to relax more better than beaches