The 5 Minute Makeup Challenge

Can I do My Every Makeup Look in 5 Minutes?

I used to love these challenges on YouTube and since I have a YouTube channel now i decided I wanted to do it myself!

My everyday makeup look is usually very quick so I thought maybe I could do it in 5 minutes....I don't guys what do you think?! Also, Click this link to see my actual Every Day Makeup!

My Biggest Challenge
 I think my biggest challenge was the foundation routine! I normally just use concealer on any dark spots but I usually spend most of my time perfecting it especially under my eyes! It wasn't the best but it's something haha! Also those brows was not on fleek, definitely a big challenge, but they still looked ok!

My Easiest Challenge
Of course it's the Blush and lipstick! I didn't think I would be able to get done with the lipstick but I did it...WOOP WOOP!!!

I hope you enjoyed my little video it was fun to make and edit! Let me know what videos you would like to see next!

Could you do your makeup in 5 minutes? What would the biggest challenge be for you?

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1 comment

  1. The video was so fun to watch! You did really well!! I don't think I can get my makeup done within 5 minutes at all!