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So I'm back with another Happy Corner Post!  I want to help inspire and maybe even get you obsessing over something new this week! Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Poll of the Week
Patches on Jackets Hit or Miss?!

I've been digging this style lately! I literally see patches and embroidered jackets all over my IG! I feel like doing a bit of DIY with this!


Pin of the Week
DIY Marble Dishes!
I'm in love with these! Sure you can have the plain white and black marble but that's so 2015! Take it up a notch with colored marble this spring! I got to try this out!
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Apps I'm Obsessed with
 You'll be seeing a lot of these apps used in my Instagram here!
If you want cute backgrounds for your phone you will love this! I currently have this as my background...YAAAAS QUEEN!
I Got turned on to this app by the Instagrammer named Elle DIY Digital! Stickers Galore People!!!!
This app ahhhh is sooo addicting! Its a virtual coloring book for adults I did this Instagram pic using this app! Its so relaxing and totally free!
Have You Tried Any Of These Out?

Blogs of the Week
Seriously I've been loving these bloggers! Go check them out and follow everywhere!
1.Strawberry Squeeze: How I Quit My Job and Went Freelancing #GOALS!!!
2.Juliana Chow: Audrey in Copenhagen #FASHIONINSPO!
3.Style Sprinter: Project Redesign: White A Line Skirt #COLLABGOALS!!!

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Tell Me What You are Obsessing over this week!
Was these a Hit or Miss?! 
Leave me your blog links you may be in my next Happy Corner Blog Post!

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The Happy Corner Series


  1. I absolutely love everything marble, but I'm not actually a huge fan of patches on jackets. I've seen other people wear them and they look great but I know I wouldn't be able to pull that look off.

  2. lovely post loved every bit of it those marble dishes look great

  3. lovely post loved every bit of it those marble dishes look great

  4. Ooo love this kind of post! I recently just had a Star Wars patch and badge on my denim vest for Star Wars day. I might check that Pattern app it's so cute!