10 Tips for Healthy Skin in Your 20's


How to Skin Looking Young

Today I wanted to share with you some awesome tips that are essential for healthy skin in your 20's and beyond! By starting early you set the stage for how many wrinkles you get in the future...the future begins now!

1.Start using antiaging products now! 
You are never too old to start reversing signs of wrinkles, blotchy complexion, firmness, and more!

2.Protect your skin from the sun!
Get yourself some lotion with sunblock in it! This will save your skin in the long run and prevent skin cancer! Sun protection forms the foundation of every anti-aging skin-care plan. Sun ages your skin prematurely so seek shade, cover up with cute accessories, and slather that sunscreen on! Don't forget your neck and hands!

3.Stop indoor tanning!
I know you are trying to protect your skin by not baking yourself in the sun but even worse than that is tanning beds and sun lamps! It exposes  you to harmful ultraviolet rays that we don't need! Don't let this accelerate skin aging get yourself some tanning creams and bronzers!

4.Get yourself some eye cream!
It helps with firmness around your eyes and it diminishes the appearance of dark circles. Invest in a good one!

5.Apply moisturizer everyday!
When we say "black don't crack" we mean it! We need to stay "lotioned" up and that includes lighter complexions too! As we age our skin becomes drier and that means fine lines and wrinkles will appear out of no where! Get yourself a face lotion, a body moisturizer, and lip balm!

6.Don't you dare smoke!
We all know that smoking will age you 10 heck 20 years older than your real age! I met someone who was 30 years old and I thought she was 50...no Bueno!

7.Lock down a good skin care regimen in your 20's!
This is the perfect time to experiment and decide what works best for you skin type! Invest in your skin care.

8.Get some Retinol
Retinol cream is a great tool for acne and aging! So why not kill two birds with one stone...SCORE!

9.Exercise and eat healthy!
The more you take care of your body the more chances it will show through your skin in a positive more radiant way!

10.Genetics is only 50% to Blame!
Although Genetics do play a role in aging well or not the other half is all up to you!

What do you do now to prevent aging later?


  1. Great post Jasmine!!

  2. Hey Jasmine!!! I love these tips. It's never too early to start using anti aging products. Dont you dare smoke got me laughing so loud. I've missed this space!


  3. I'm kinda obsessed with skincare and these tips are perfect! Having your own skin routine is really important, no matter how good you think your skin is!

    Anyway, cool blog!

    Carmen x


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