Asian Skin Care Secrets That Will Leave You Looking Flawless!


This is Why Asian Women Look so Youthful!

Asians take skincare very seriously! They look at it as an investment into the future! They love the youthful look and they will go to any length to get it and nothings wrong with that! We should all take a cue from the flawless Asian beauties! There are so many innovative new products around Asia that we here in the States have not come around too. Slowly, however we are learning. Today I want to share with you some of their beauty skincare routines that are seriously heaven sent!


Beauty Secrets Asian's Swear By! 

Facial Massages
Facial massages not only feel awesome but it also aids in reducing puffiness and promoting cell rejuvenation. Be very careful around the eyes and use cool eye rollers that are soothing to decrease puffiness and increase blood circulation. Do massages periodically.
Extensive Skin Care Routines 
Oil Cleansing- Removing makeup
Foam Cleanser-to remove excess oil that the oil didn't get
Exfoliate- focus on the areas where it needs it the most. Use once or twice weekly.
Toner-for ph balance and hydration
Essence, emulsions, Serums, mask- Products that cater to your specific skin type and issue
Lotions-For added moisture
Face oil-For more added moisture
Sunscreen-To protect the skin during the day, some even use it while on the computer!
Sleeping Pack- To seal in all moisture and keep moisture absorbed all night long.

Facial Mask
The best mask is all natural for the best results. The most common ingredients include snail mucin(don't judge), green tea, and fermented yeast. Use twice weekly and then do facial massages for blood circulation and a healthy glow.
Tips and Tricks for Flawless, youthful skin forever!

Double Cleansing
This is the best way of getting rid of all that makeup and dirt. The first step to this method is to use a liquid cleanser. This gets rid of all traces of makeup. Then with an oil cleanser afterwards to get rid of the days dirt that settles on the skin. Wash thoroughly and then cleanse again with a foaming cleaner and then your skin is squeaky clean.
Always use a skin mist!
 Dehydration is the enemy and you can beat it with facial mist throughout the day when you need it! 
Apply moisturizer in a patting motion instead of rubbing it...hello wrinkles!
Also known as slapping! Korean use a gentle slapping motion to improve circulation.  Pat upwards from your neck to face...goodbye wrinkles!
Rub moisturizer in your hands first!
 Before applying to face so that it increase absorption of the  product.
Don't forget your eye cream!
Now we have all seen Asians their eyes are flawless, like where are your dark circles! Invest in a really good eye'll look 20 years younger!
Get that beauty routine down!
Asians can use up to 17 products on their skin and look at them...flawless! They are obviously doing something right. Using makeup remover is very important and they love to use oil as cleansers. When it comes to moisturizers always apply the lightest first like oils and then apply thicker cream such as night creams afterwards.
For Lazy girls go simple!
Remember you don't have to change your whole beauty routine at least bring 1 or 2 Asian skin care ideas into your everyday routine or even skip out on some of your regular skin care products for more natural chemical free products.
Get with the Sheet Mask Trend
These things work! Mask come in all forms now days from face mask to lips, eyes, even hand mask...yes hand mask!!! After you apply these mask and let them sit you can then jut rub the excess on your skin to absorb it...not wasting a single thing!
Drink Lots of Green Tea!
This not only aids in weight loss but it also helps in aging gracefully! Let the tea bag steep for  couple of minutes and then drink up but skip on the sugar and add honey or lime...yes lime!
Before any New Skincare Routine
 Before you begin any new products remember to always do a patch test on a small area of your skin. Do this for about a week before you begin your new skincare routine. Ease your way into any routine by adding one new product into your routine. This helps in figuring out which works for your skin and which product doesn't.

Start by adding your base as in a cleanser, sunscreen, and moisturizer then you can add other products!
Remember with any skincare routine it takes time so don't give up! Find the right products and stick to it! It's never to late to start taking care of your skin.

Asian women are taught early to take care of their skin so they already have a jump on other cultures even as children. They take their beauty regimen very seriously and believe that investment is needed for that healthy youthful look. So lets get on their level!

Have you heard of any Asian Beauty secrets?

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