How to Add Color to Your Outfit!


How to add  Color into an  almost Neutral Wardrobe

Not everyone loves to wear all out color but every now and again especially during the summer months it's  always nice to switch things up a bit! I've become quite inspired by the 80's and 90's to add even more color this summer and you should too!

Fun yet embarrassing fashion factoid about myself
I used to go through a goth phase back in school so I wore a lot of black...shocking I know! This however catapulted me into other forms of styles and eventually loving color like no other! See this just shows you how switching up your style even a little bit really can help you learn more about yourself!

1.Grab a bright bag
Add a pop of color to update a stale closet! Go for beachy blues and oranges. Add a pom pom charm on a straw bag for an extra pop of color!

2. Sport a pair of colorful shades
Sunglasses makes any outfit pop! Find classic frames in striking shades. The best thing to do is find frames that fit your may want to check out this my post on how to find the best frames for your face here!

3.Peekaboo bras add spice to a neutral outfit
Bra's are becoming a bigger trend than expected and not the regular bras that your mamma wears! Lace bras and cute detailings are all the rage. Although some bras are just not very supportive for us bigger girls so I'll just save some of those for the itty bitty community (if you know what I mean). I'll stick to wearing something like this with off the shoulder tops! It will look great under a sheer top or peeking out of a low neck top also!

Shop some of my faves below!

4. Add bold pants to brighten up a neutral top
Anybody can wear a white top with white pants...well except me because I'm a sucker for getting white dirty! Hence, the not so white instagram aesthetic ha! However instead of doing the normal why not add a bright pant to the look! You can keep everything else safe well unless you decide to visit #4....

5. Add multiple pops of color with accessories
Once you find your favorite color, incorporate it in several ways! This is an eye catching statement and makes it more noticeable than just adding 1 pop of color! Try going head to toe with a cute hat or sunnies, a belt or handbag and then some cute sandals all in the same color! By spacing out your accessories, you can keep it the colors from overpowering each other in one particular area!

6. Brighten up with nail  polish 
Nail polish is like the most affordable accessory to help you transition from a boring outfit to a more impressive get up! Go for corals, oranges, yellows, greens, and even hot pink for the summer!

7. Dying your hair seems like all the rage!
Hair color has become an amazing form of expression in the beauty world! From rainbow colored hair to pastels. If you don't want to risk hair damage try wigs as a form of hair protection! A bright hair color brightens up your outfit and is a major head turner out on the streets! I got so many compliments! One cashier said I was rocking this hair color haha...#winning!

Remember rock your style any way you see fit but remember it's ok to step outside the box and do something a bit different! If you are like me you would go from goth to rainbow unicorn hehe!

How does your closet look?


  1. Lovely post and tips Jasmine have a lovely weekend

  2. Amazing post! I like your blog, would you like to follow each other?:)

  3. Great advice! I might try to spice my wardrobe up this summer :)

  4. Good idea with the bright sunglasses, bags and wigs. will definitely be trying those out this summer