Fun Ways to Make the Summer Awesome!

30 Fun Ways to Enjoy Summer before it gets Cold!

Summer is here and you literally have only a couple of months before its gone as quick as it came! So lets make the most out of it with fun and exciting activities. Call your girls, your boys, your family and make this summer the best one yet! Call it your summer bucket list if you want but I think these ideas are just a fun way of enjoying the summer! So without further adieu here are fun things to do this summer!

Summer Bucket List1. Spend a day at the waterpark
What better way of getting some sun and water!
2. Go stargazing
This is super romantic with your Significant Other!

3. Go to a Drive in Movie
Take it back a couple of years and go see a movie at a drive in or at a park!

4. Have a bonfire
Bonfires are everything on chilly nights.

5. Go camping in your backyard
Seriously don't have to worry about bears or anything jumping out at ya!

6. Have a picnic
Ahhh here comes the ants but hey it's still so fun to do!

7. Do a Pinterest DIY
You've been wanting to do a bit of DIY'ing why not try now!

8. Find an ice cream truck and get some ice cream
That sound of an ice cream truck is so precious!

9. Have a backyard bbq
Hot dogs and hamburgers...yummm!

10. Take a road trip
Get out the 90's playlist and get on the road! 

11. Recreate tumblr poses and take pics
Let's get tumblr-fide and post it!

12. Binge Watch Disney Flicks
Need I say more...Go!

13. Swim during the Night
It's fun to swim during the day but so much sneakier during the night hehe!

14. Take a bike ride
Wind in the hair, sunnies on and a gorgeous view...yes please!

15. Watch the Sunrise
Ahhh watch that sunrise as you sip on your coffee!

16. Attend a baseball game
Take me out to the ball game please!

17. Pull an all nighter with friends
Sleepovers are hella fun even as adults!

18. Attend an outdoor concert
Why be indoors when you can be outdoors!

19. Read an interesting book all the way
Finally read all of the Harry Potter Books you've been collecting throughout the years!

20. Eat popsicles
Uhhh its popsicles...Eat!

21. Go on a spontaneous adventure
Just get in the car and go! Explore new places but be careful too!

22. Ride a kayak 
Got a lake near by then get a kayak.

23. Participate in a color run
Exercise has never been so colorful and fun all at the same time...sign me up!

24. Go to a rave
Dancing like crazy, laser lights feeling the room, and music blaring so loud...I'll take that!

25. Spend all day at the beach or lake
Who doesn't love the beach.

26. Go fishing
Go catch a fish but throw it back...hehe that's what I'll do!

27. Play mini golf
Cute date with the Mr!

28. Visit a trampoline Park
Jumpin, Jumpin!

29. Keep a journal for the whole summer
Diaries were fun when we were younger, let's create summer memories.

30. Go Ziplining
Scared of hights time to overcome it this summer!

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  1. Having a picnic is something I have been wanting to do since spring!