Summer Girls Guide: Are You Ready for Bikini Season?


Get Bikini Ready?

Summer is almost here and for many of us that can be quite a daunting journey to accept! With bathing suit season right around the corner we begin our path of getting the perfect body. Eating food begins to look like a war between love and hate. Exercising seems to be a horrific and unforgiving task. We want the beach bod that we see on every cover of SELF magazine. Every magazine has the top story in bold pretty colors..."Get Your Best Body in 14 days" or "How to get flat abs in time for summer." 

We are immediately enamored by the magazine so we pick it up, we buy it, and we go home to read it. We get our favorite snack and beverage and its time to sit down and read. As we look through that magazine we begin to look at ourselves in a different light. "Why am I so fat," Why cant I look like her...she's perfect." Then we get to the headline we've been waiting for "How to Get a Beach Bod in 14 Days...." As we read we get pumped its time to make a plan. We have to have a flat ab by June 21...when summer begins in the U.S. We have to get those toned arms in order for that beach top to look fab in pictures. We have to have that thigh gap for the perfect insta-worthy pic! Crops wouldn't be complete without those J-Lo abs..right?!

My Story...My Ending!

For so long I have struggled with my weight, with my self portrayal of what real beauty was. When I was younger I would starve myself for hours on in just to say I had 500 calories for the day. My stomach would be growling like a bear but I thought....that was progress. When I didn't see progress I would eat and eat and eat until I stuffed myself almost to the point of sickness. Eating has always been my struggle and this past year I noticed my eating has increased. Maybe it was stress maybe it was because I just didn't want to care any more, oh but I cared so much. I just want to be skinny I tell myself. This week I'll do better, this will be the day that I change. I will be skinny...I WILL! I dont know how many times I have said that...but today on the first of June I'M DONE! 

Forget those magazines that's telling you to lose weight. Stop putting so much pressure on yourself to look a certain way. The pressure is all around you but don't let it affect you. If you want to lose weight that's fine, if you want to be healthy that's even better, if you just want to eat all day thats ok but please I beg of you...DO NOT BEAT YOURSELF UP ABOUT IT! You are human you have the right to eat that donut maybe even 2. We all should be healthy but the first step to being healthy is LOVING YOURSELF! Once you are able to do that then will you be able to focus on losing weight for health reasons not to become this idea of what beauty is.

 Beauty is whatever you are right now!
 As thick or as skinny as you are right now...YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! 

Instead of focusing on losing weight for summer, practice loving yourself! Exercise your ability to look in the mirror and see beauty. Nourish yourself with words of kindness for yourself. Soon you'll shed those pounds of insecurities. Soon you'll shed those inches of judgment put on by yourself. Soon you'll see the beauty that is within. Soon you'll see the real loving you!

Gain Confidence this Summer!
I challenge you  to focus on at least one of these for the entire summer months!
1. Try not to focus on other peoples bodies.
2. Instead focus on everything that you love about your body!
3.Each day compliment yourself every morning and even every night!
4. Do things that make you happy.
5. Love yourself right now not what or who you could be.

"My whole message is to love who you are and accept all your beautiful imperfections. When I felt I was slipping into unloving territory with myself, I knew I had to listen to my own advice and  correct it" -Kesha

How have you learned to love the body you are in?


  1. I do not wear bikinis or bathing suits just sundresses, t shirt, or maxi dresses. But I still am aware of the pressure to look a certain way because summer is coming up. The first thing I think about is getting rid of my bat wings to wear shirt sleeve shirts. But as much as I try these arms do not seem to tighten up enough. I finally came to conclusion that I may never get Michelle Obama's arms and I am fine with that!

  2. What a lovely post. As a female, the pressure for the perfect body, hair, face, everything... it's demanding! I remember growing up also starving myself. I would skip breakfast, and count out my 17 unsalted pretzels (1 serving size) I would allow myself to eat for lunch every day, and for dinner I'd eat some lettuce. I'd work out constantly. Why did I feel so pressured to do this? Now that I'm happily married and in my later 20s I'm finally beginning to accept myself. I've got some pudge. I can't fit into any of my summer clothes from just LAST summer... but I don't even care anymore. I know I eat healthy, and while I don't exercise as much as I used to (hip injury), I do make sure to walk at least 20 minutes each day. I drink 8-10 cups of water. I am healthy. I may not look like I'm in the best shape of my life, but I am happy and healthy and I don't care anymore! And you know what? Life is so much fun when you let go of that. :)
    Jenny // Mish Mosh Makeup

  3. Love this. Thank you for sharing your story. Healthy truly is all you need to be.

  4. Amazing post! I was nodding all the way through. Such an important message, I'm glad you've drawn attention to it :)

  5. Fantastic post! The pressure to look a certain way is so intense... especially for women. I totally enjoyed reading this and I totally agree, we should focus on loving ourselves....imperfections and all.

    Keisha xo