The Easiest Swimsuit Style Guide for Every Body Type!


How to Find the Best Swimsuit to Rock This Summer

I've always been the type to stray away from any type of swimsuit that involved showing skin. As I get more comfortable with my body I'm learning what would look best on me! I even found the most adorable yet classically sexy monokini that just has me itching to get back to the beach! It's no need to hide under cover ups anymore! Show off your accents in a more flattering way with these tips!

Pear- (smaller at the top and curvier at the bottom)

Perfect Style
Go for printed tops and dark plain bottoms to draw the eyes upwards. Be even bolder by trying plunging necklines to keep the eyes up. Go for high wasted bottoms.

Things to Avoid
Avoid prints on your bottoms and boy shorts it will make your hips look bigger.

Apple- (Bigger on top and smaller on the bottom)

Perfect Style
To take attention away from your top half try mix-matching your tops and bottoms. Go for a plain top and  printed bottom. Go for wide straps to make your shoulders appear slimmer and To show off your legs go for high wasted bottoms! Find bra's in darker colors and structured so  that it will support your bust and make you appear smaller.

Things to Avoid
Skip skinny straps

Athletic- (straight down figure with narrow hips and smaller bust)

Perfect Style
Go for details such as frills, fringe, gathering, or embellishments this will give the illusion of a curvier body. Find triangle tops and details at the bottom to create a curvier figure.

Things to Avoid
Many athletic body types have long torsos skip the one piece swimsuit! Skip the bandeaus because it will flatten you.

Hourglass- (curvier on top and bottom with a smaller waist)

Perfect Style
With an hourglass figure you can get away with a lot of swimsuits. Vintage style swimsuits works great for showing off your figure girl! Cut outs on the side will also make you look curvalicious!

Things to Avoid
Don't mix-match it will make your body look disproportioned! Instead match your tops to your bottoms and vice versa

Pin to Remember!

Tips for Specific Areas!
Big Bust-go for extra support with thick straps and underwire
Small Bust-go for ruffles and details with extra padding
Flat bum-think frills and ruching  with bright colors and prints. Get a little cheeky for extra volume
Big bum-go for dark bottoms with enough fabric to wrap your derriere up
Tummy-go for high wasted bottoms that hides your belly button #nomuffintop
Short torso-go for low wasted bottoms and halter tops
Back fat-thick straps and high backs are the way to go
Broad shoulders-go for solids with printed panels and asymmetric necklines
Short Legs-go for higher cuts where the legs are, you can even go for a thong #embarrassedemojiface
Full Thighs-go for bottoms with skirts and boy shorts

This guide isn't about hiding your "flaws" its about showcasing your body in a way that makes you feel incredibly confident! Find a swimsuit that makes you feel confident and if its on the things to avoid list heck wear it anyways! You can rock anything when you feel confident in your own skin! So pick a swimsuit that will work for you now...not later. Go with a trusted friend and get constructive criticism for picking the right one and don't forget to rock it with confidence! I found my swimsuit and I hope you do too!
What body part do you want to show off this summer?

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