How to Build Your Confidence While Suffering with Depression


10 Ways to Boost Confidence while Depressed!

Boost Confidence while suffering from Depression

Building self esteem while going through depression. I never knew this was possible. I always thought once I get out of the depression I would finally build myself back up. Always telling myself "when I get out of depression I can move forward." Never in a million years would I think I could do it now while I was still depressed.

I'm not afraid to tell you what I'm going through. I've talked about it several times in multiple posts.(I'll leave a link below to many) It may make for a sad post but I always leave you with something positive and uplifting because that's how I am in my everyday life. I like to see things in a positive way. Although I'm going through a tough mental war right I know my blessings. I know that there is positivity even in the darkest place. I don't feel afraid to share with you my struggle with depression, low self esteem, etc. because I know so many of you may be going through the same thing. I want to come to you while I am in my mess. I want to show you that you can overcome it too and always making sure to let you know you are not alone one bit! Today I wanted to share with you some tips on actually working on your self-esteem while still going through depression. I actually seen a pinterest infographic on this late last night that prompted me to write this. Because it was so knew to me. To think I could actually work on myself while I'm depressed that's mind blowing to me! However I do believe it's possible. Just think by working on yourself now it will make for an easier transition for you when you are back to your happy state. You know what maybe it'll make you less likely to revert back so quickly! I'm not saying that for just you...but for me too! 

Self-Confidence quotes

The tips I give you are also tips I'll be doing as well. So don't feel like you are doing this all alone. Pick one or two things off of the list and make up in your mind to just do them. That's the first step to overcoming depression and gaining confidence  in yourself.

This is the one thing I feel really helps you gain that confidence you need to keep going. Come up with your own sayings or reach into the bible and find some awesome scriptures! "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" will always stick in my head for some reason...but I know the reason is to help me every step of my journey here on earth.

Write a to do list!
I've been wanting to do this. I've also been wanting to make a schedule for myself each day just to give me a reason to get up instead of laying in bed all day like I've been doing for the last couple of days. I have to learn that sleeping will not change my situation. It will only keep me in the same dispair. Find a way to accomplish your to do list. Even if it's just one thing on there make it practice to get sh*t done ;)

Like I said laying in bed is not gonna solve anything. Get up and get moving. Taking walks is always one of my best ways of getting out of a slump. Exercising of any kind naturally brings out the happy trait in anyone...why not get happy and get in shape all at the same time, multipurpose bonus!

Boost Confidence while Depressed

These are my top 3 tips that has helped me in my passed but I encourage you to also check out my own list of confident boosters! I'm sure you will fine one thing that you can do each day to help gain back the confidence you deserve...Goodluck you got this!

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  1. Love this post jasmine, it's great that you are being real with your viewers.