College Fashionista: How to Shop Cheap for Back to School!


Tips and Tricks for Back to School Shopping on a Budget!

I was always a sucker for back to school shopping! Now that I'm out of school I'm kind of having a little FOMO moment. So I thought, why not relive some of my glorious days with you all! I used to love back to school shopping for new clothes and accessories but I didn't necessary have the Blair Waldorf price range for that! Instead, I knew exactly how to shop cheap for back to school but still look like a million bucks! Going into college, you already have plenty of things to worry about, so, lets take the guessing game out of at least one part of it! This whole month I'll be giving you some back to school shopping tips and guides to save money and look fabulous all year round. I always said if my grades weren't up to par at least my clothes should be...not the best advice but I was flawless!

*Disclaimer*still do your homework haha!

Shopping tips for college

How to Save Money

When Shopping for Back to School

1. Revamp old clothing! This is one of my favorite things to do. Scour Pinterest to find inexpensive ways to remake a ton of new clothes. I've seen tons of YouTube videos of girls turning shirts into crop tops and putting trendy logos on them! Just think of that Adidas shirt you've been itching to get your hands can totally be yours for less that 5 bucks! I'm obsessed with chokers and its so easy to create any choker that you want! Also Patches OMG Patches!!!!

Check out these links for Cool DIY's!
 Jo-Ann: If you're into all things crafty, you can save 10% on every purchase at Jo-Ann when you register for the Student Discount Program.
Adidas and Nike DIY Tee shirts and sweater Shirts(video)
Blake Lively's Cherry Blossom Boyfriends Jeans
Fun Ways to Transform Jeans
DIY Patch Pattern Sneakers
22 90's inspired DIYs
11 Cute and Easy DIY Chokers
Hipstapatch- amazing pull off stickers on the low low!
2. Make out a shopping list of  everything you want but most importantly need! List are essential when trying to save money. It will save you from buying an expensive clothing item that you probably want even where a second time. I'll be doing a College Capsule Wardrobe post soon, so watch for updates! Make sure you go for pieces that are basic necessities first and then you can splurge on something in the future!
 3. Check your closet first! Before you go shopping see what you already have. Not only can you revamp you can also just keep wearing the same clothes but just change the way you wear them. Shocking I know haha! Dresses over shirts have become a cute and fun way to transition from summer to fall.
4. Don't be afraid to raid the thrift store! I was a thrift store mastermind and still is! The 90's and 70's are so in now so find go shopping for mock neck shirts, flared jeans, suede skirts, even mom jeans. Those slits you see in girls skinny jeans why not get them for half the price and cut them yourself!
Goodwill gives you 10% off when you show them your Student ID...extra savings!!!
5. Use coupons! If you are an online shopping addict like myself then coupons will be your best friend! Go to to find coupons! Ebates is another way to get some extra change in your pockets after your back to school shopping spree! Plus they have tons of offers and sales!
6. College Discounts! The best part of being a college student is that you get discounts! There are tons of online name brand stores dishing out discounts on top of sales they already got going on! So this will save you tons of money through out the year. 
Shops with Discounts!
Check out for tons of coupons to all your favorite stores! Below are some I've personally used!
Charlotte Russe 10% of your order with College ID also 20% off when you register!
Banana Republic 15% off in store with college ID
J Crew 15% in store discount with a college ID
Urban Outfitters 10% off on specific days with an ID and register for their Student Program to be kept in the know
Topshop gives you 10% off on purchases in store and online!
Asos 10% off with unidays!
7. Timing is Everything! Remember you don't have to buy a whole new wardrobe in the same month! Space it out over time and look for pieces when they go on sale. Think Black Friday and Cyber Monday will be approaching in a few more months!
8. Say no to credit cards! The worst thing for you to do is to put all your clothes on a credit card! I've learned a thing or two from my family on what not to do with credit cards. If you would like for me to teach my tricks for not getting in debt just let me know in the comments below! You don't want to get card happy because you want to keep up with the Serena Vander Woodsen of your school! Use credit cards only in case of emergencies or if you know that you can pay it off by the next pay period!
Do you have any tips and tricks on saving big for Back to School?



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