Cute Back to School Supplies for High School and College


 The Ultimate Shopping List for Cute Back to School Essentials

school supplies list for highschool and college
I'm such a big fan of back to school shopping! When I was younger I used to get all the cute  back to school supplies such as notebooks, planners, pens, pencils, etc! Even now I'm still searching the internet for cute and girly office essentials! So whether you are going to school, college, or just want to find some cool new work supplies for your office, I got ya covered!

Backpack essentials for back to school

Favorite Places to Shop for Fun and Unique Back to School Supplies

Yes thats my big ol' legs haha! has so many cute notebooks, planners, pens, pencils, thermals, and so much more you can't keep track of them all!
Everyone who loves office supplies know that this is the best place to shop for back to school!
Etsy has such an amazing array of unique items handmade by amazing creatives!

 Cute Back to School Essentials

 I found some really cute backpacks, notebooks, planners, stationary, thermals, and so much more I'll be adding to my wish-list! Maybe you'll find some lovely things to add to your wish-list too!

back to school essentials for kids and teen girlsBack Packs for every type of Girl!

  Omg these back packs are too cute! Where was this when I was going back to school!!!

Cute Notebooks For School or Office!

 Anyone that knows me knows I'm a notebook fanatic! You can use these for note-taking or writing down fun ideas like I do!

 Perfect Accessories!

You can't have the perfect planner or notebook without some stickers, pens, pencils, paperclips and more!

On the Go Tumblers

Now Tumblers are a must for all my groggy college students! Take these tumblers on the go and boost your happy levels by 100%!


 Tech Necessities

Recharge with good music and keep charged with phone chargers! I'm in love with these portable chargers and earphones! I added some phone cases because....why not! These are too cute not to pass up!



  1. Ooooh they're supper cute!!! I should add them some of them to my wishlist before my collage start also one of my favorite places to buy stationary, notebook and pencil is blippo because I can never say no over any Sanrio character! xo


  2. Those picks are so cute and so your style! I actually noticed those two new backpacks on the website a few weeks ago and been obsessing about them. I know, those do not fit any outfits in my collection, but I just can't stop starring at them! I also adore those "I'm Busy" notebooks and agendas -- so cute!

  3. Omg everything on here is soooo cute.. Makes me want to go back to school again! xo

  4. Everything on here is so cute! It makes it impossible to pick a favourite! x

  5. Oh, the pink ones! I'm a pink lover and these are the cutest school supplies.
    I don't know why my things then weren't this cool. :D

  6. First off I wanted to say that I love your blog. It is too cute. I can't believe it took me this long to visit. I think we have been following each other for forever now. What a fun and very creative post. I loved it. All your selections you picked are just too cute. Heck some of this stuff would be good for the everyday use.

  7. woow nice colors and the stylish
    i always wait for the new school year to shop for school supplies
    i went through alot online malls and blogs
    i found a useful one