A Girl's Guide to Starting Over without Regrets!


Starting Fresh After a Big Life Decision

Feeling lonely or lost?
 Did you just end a relationship?
 Going to a new school/ college?
 Moving to a new town?
Starting over can be quite scary but it can also be a very exciting time. When I was in school I always was excited about going back to school because it was a time to start over, begin again. Starting over doesn't have to be a terrible or frightful experience. You can make it a better experience where you can learn and grow. Here are some tips to starting fresh in whatever situation you are in currently.

"Remember starting over is a new beginning."
This mindset is helpful because it keeps you from being too hard on yourself.

Went through a breakup? 

Tip 1: Get rid of anything that is a reminder of  those memories. Sometimes purging helps to alleviate the heartbreak.
Tip 2: Forgive the one that hurt you. I know that can be hard but forgiveness is not helping that person but its helping you.
Tip 3: Write a letter to yourself forgiving that person. Afterwards, burn that letter as a symbol of releasing the anger that you felt. This can also be said for tearing the paper up in tiny pieces or deleting it from your computer.
Tip 4: Allow time to get over a heartbreak. This is not the time to go after someone else. This period is for recuperating. Always remember...IT GETS BETTER!

Feeling lonely or lost?

Tip 1: Meet someone new. Go out there and meet people. It can be scary but meeting people will help change your perspective about life.
Tip 2: Accept defeat. Sometimes the battle isn't meant to be won, sometimes its meant to help you grow. You can't have a new victory until you close your current battle.
Tip 3: Talk to someone. Whether it's a close friend or a psychiatrist talking helps relieve all the built up tension you have going on in your head.
Tip 4: Make a plan and stick to it. Set small and long term goals for yourself and this new plan you are embarking on. Creating a plan will ease the feeling of being loss or lonely

Starting fresh in a new town?

Tip 1: Join a club. Clubs can be a fun way of meeting new people. You never know who your next friend may be.
Tip 2: Say yes to work outings. Getting in good with co-workers will establish a playing ground for great connections.
Tip 3: Find time to explore your new town or city. Its a great way to find a local hotspot!
Tip 4: Let yourself be happy. Don't worry about feeling lonely from time to time. If you get yourself out and about, new opportunities, adventures, and people will come!

Going to a New school/college?

Tip 1: Brighten up your wardrobe. Changing your clothes is like the changing of the seasons. When you are feeling cold or darkness is surrounding you remember spring (signifies happiness or peace) is just around the corner.
Tip 2: Be willing to talk. Not everyone will talk to you first that's when you have to be bold and speak first!
Tip 3: Try a new hair do. Cut you hair or dye your hair to a funky color. Even adding fun accessories to your hair like a flower crown or barrette can brighten your mood. The little things can make a difference and it also can bring confidence your way.
Tip 4: Try a new look. Be daring, Be bold. Change up your makeup or your style. The best tip that will help anyone is to just SMILE. Its the best accessory to any outfit!

"Starting over is about giving yourself a chance at real happiness."

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  1. This made me smile :)

    1. Awww Amber Im so glad this brought a smile to you :)

  2. Tip 2 for getting over a break up is dead on! Great post.

  3. I loved this :) sometimes all you need is a reminder and something small - like a ribbon or a couple of candles - to make you feel better and renewed x

  4. Wow, such a powerful post!
    There are so many good points in this for each topic that you really dont need to say anything also about it.
    I'm going to save this post in my favorites so i can 'answer' some of the points in my journal, thanks for sharing

  5. this is a lovely post - well done! :) xo