How to Increase Social Media Engagement!


Get More Social Media Engagement that Leads Back to Your Blog!

I'm back with blogging tips well more about social media engagement! I honestly missed doing my blogging tips but I really wanted to research and figure out what is helping and what's not helping! I don't like putting out half-a$$ blog posts if you couldn't tell already haha!

Today I wanted to share with you my tricks for increasing social media engagement with Facebook and Instagram! We all know how hard it is trying to pull people to our site with these two social media that's why you have to have a little more patience and some spare time on your hands (at least 10-20 minutes) to get the engagement you want!  Today I'm teaching my tips for doing just that!

Get on some Facebook Groups and Actually Engage!

I've been following a couple of Facebook groups but never really engaged. I mean sure I plopped my little blog post in comment sections and self promoted my social media but ummm that really wasn't doing anything for me! So here's what I started doing...I STARTED TO ENGAGE!

If I added my blog post in comment threads I decided I needed to actually read others blogs...SHOCKING I KNOW! I would also write a FB post or comment on a particular FB post by giving advice or inspiration. I even put out a cute meme on one of the FB Groups for humor and got so many comments and likes...I was shocked! I don't get that much on my regular FB ha!

Check out these 2 websites for an awesome list!

 I suggest finding 2-3 that are engaging and fun and take part! These are my favorite!
The Blogging Elite (This is also where i found my instagram tribe you'll see later in the post!)
Blog + Biz BFFs (This group helped me to not get discouraged about my new business and to keep going)
Creative Superheros (really love this group they are so fun!)

Comment, Comment, Comment!

I give out thoughtful comments on blogs and if I really liked what they are writing I'll subscribe and/or follow their social media! By building that engagement over time I have gotten more people to not only follow me but engage with me!

What are Instagram Groups and how to use them!

Same is being said for Instagram Groups, which I never knew was really a thing! Actually I don't even know how I was invited to these Instagram group messages(probably through a FB Group Instagram thread where I blindly gave out my IG Name haha) however, so thankful I did!

This Post about a New Blog Post I posted Generated so much buzz and it even sent traffic to my blog!

Create a Tribe and Engage!

You can also create your own group too with your favorite bloggers to create a little tribe on Instagram, not to mention Facebook! What we do in these Instagram groups is message the group when we post a image on Instagram through direct message! That's simple, because the direct button is right below the image! Then we all will go and like and comment on each person's picture! Simple right?! I found so many cool people that way! We even help each other out in other ways! This is also a great way to find new blogs too! Check out their blogs and comment on them! If they have a new picture up promoting a new blog post, check it out! I actually have had traffic coming in from Instagram and I've never had that before!

For some reason I always felt like the odd ball out in blogging but it was only because I wasn't engaging! As an introvert you really have to just put yourself out their even if it scares you!
How have you used Facebook Groups and/or Instagram Groups to promote engagement?
Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. I'm apart of 4 Insta groups and I have to say it's such an amazing experience! We have indeed created such a supportive, intimate, and encouraging tribe and I love it! It really has helped to boost engagement. I only follow accounts that I truly am interested and inspired by, blogger friends, and people who are always so supportive and encouraging on both my blog and social media, even if they aren't bloggers and have more of a personal account. I like to think that I'm supportive of all the accounts I follow and really love to engage by liking and commenting, which is why I try to be selective because it can be so hard to keep up with so many accounts regularly! Thanks so much for sharing your great tips and advice, girlie, and I hope you're having a great week so far!



  2. So many great tips! I could not agree more! Engaging in the community is my favorite part of social media sharing! Fabulous post! XO

    Anna ||

  3. I need these tips as I'm looking to grow my followers before the year ends. :)

  4. Thanks for sharing this lovely, these are just the kind of tips I need! x

  5. I cannot second the Instagram groups suggestion enough. I'm in one and an seeing far more growth than I ever thought I would. It still isn't as fast as Pinterest for me, but it's so much better than I thought I could do.

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    3. My comment keeps only posting one letter! Lol. Hope 3rd time's a charm. I'm still trying to figure out how to use Pinterest to grow my blog. How do you use it to grow yours?


  6. Great tips!

    Xx Taylor

  7. I'm part of quite a few different blogging/Instagram groups on Facebook, and there are just a small handful that I actually enjoy. Facebook is so hard for me to get engagement on, so thank you for this advice!


  8. Such great tips! I've joined quite a few FB and instagram groups and I have met so many incredible people. It's really nice to be able to support people who are passionate about the same things!

    La Belle Sirene 

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  10. Thank you, I'm in several groups on FB but just added these others that you have suggested. Didn't know about IG groups but hopefully i get invited to one soon. Love your Blog!!

    xoxo Share Yvon

  11. I've stopped using Facebook for personal use, but Instagram groups sound amazing! I would love to be added to yours. Xo -


  12. Hi! Great post, found it very useful and encouraging! :) Buuut... Can you please share how can I join an Instagram group? Got really interested in those. Thanks in advance!

  13. Thanks for sharing these tips. I'm definitely going to be trying them out. I do try to engage with people on their personal blogs by commenting or subscribing but I hardly ever do the same on Instagram or Facebook. Really looking forward to joining some facebook and Instagram blog groups now.

    Thanks 😊

    Sylvia x |

  14. Any bloggers interested in starting a blog group on either Facebook or Instagram? Get in touch 😊

    Sylvia x |

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