Simple Skincare for Busy Women!

In the mornings I am the worst at getting out of bed! I'll stay in the bed for 30-60 minutes after my alarm clock goes off. Then I'm rushing to get ready and I'll be honest I don't always wash my face aaaaah cue the horror lol!!! This can cause pimples to pop up like crazy especially if I come home and still don't wash my face...come on I'm not the only one right?! Anyways since I was able to receive the Clarisonic Mia 2 for review I haven't missed a day since and my face has been acne free, no joke! So playing with this thing for over a month I finally wanted to share my thoughts and why I think it would be a great addition as simple skincare to the working or college woman that doesn't always have time in the morning or at night to keep up with a 6-12 step skin regimen on an everyday basis.

*I wanted to make note that my skin is more on the normal to dry skin type and sometimes sensitive so how it works on your skin may vary definitely especially with the cleanser and mask check out more reviews on YouTube!

7 Simple Skincare Tips for Busy Girls!

simple skin care for busy women

1. Clean out your skin care drawer. You only need a few key items for healthy skin to be honest. Throw out any expired skin care products or stuff you haven't used in quite a long time. Get rid of any eye creams or moisturizers where the water and the product has separated. That's a proven sign that its no good!  You need to find out what works for you and stick to it! It not only saves your skin but it saves your wallet. If you have a tried and true regimen keep it!

2. Always have makeup wipes by your bedside! This has saved me tremendously lately! If I do not do anything else I have to clean my face with makeup wipes! I love Derma E- Hydrating facial wipes and Neutrogena Makeup remover wipes.

3. Wash your face every morning with a gentle cleanser. My favorites are Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser, Ponds Cucumber Cleanser  and Ponds Cold Cream Cleanser. Cetaphil is perfect for girls with sensitive skin because it doesn't have a whole bunch of crazy ingredients in it to mess with your skin. While Ponds is perfect for girls with dry skin that need extra moisture!

4. Moisturizing is essential! Having dry skin especially in the winter is torture that's why I need my moisturizer! Once again Cetaphil has gotten me through so many bad breakouts so my favorite is the Cetaphil Daily Moisturizer it has SPF in it, bonus!

5. Get an eye cream! Its hard to tell if these work straight off the bat but its something that we need in our regemine. This can be put under your makeup or used at night. So keep this next to your night stand too! I like the Derma E Eye cream because it has hydroluronic acid in it which is good for boosting youthful healthy firm skin underneath your eyes!

6. Get rid of the weekly build of dead cells! Exfoliation is a must! Go for a gentle exfoliater for more sensitive skin like myself! I use the Biore Pore Unplugging Scrub. The beads are not harsh at all! At first I thought it was breaking me out so I stopped using but I realized it was actually getting rid of all the built up nasty stuff so I got back on it a couple of months ago and my face is still flawless!

7/ Once a week pamper your skin mask! My favorite mask to use is the Estee Lauder Perfectly clean Mult-Action Cleanser and Mask. However, I used the Clarisonic clay mask and was really in awe at how soft my skin felt! It reminded me of a clay mask my mom use to have, the smell and everything haha! I would also love to try the Glam Glow youth mud everyone raves about!

Now on to why I'm digging the Clarisonic for easy skin care!

The Clarisonic Claims:
Reduce the size of your pores
Minimize the Appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
Remove dead skin and encourage new cell Growth

How to Use the Clarisonic Deep Pore Mia 2 for Ultimate Skin Care!

clarisonic mia 2 simple skincare for busy women

How it Works! 
I had to keep it plugged up for 24 hours before using as per directions. I was itching to try it though! Every so often you do need to charge it up but I haven't had to yet. When I turn it on I have 60 seconds to BEAT THAT FACE! It features two speeds suitable for all skin types! I always use the first one!   I love that it beeps when I need to switch sides and stops when its completed! That way I know that I'm fully cleaning my skin. Sometimes I go in for another round only if I had a full face of makeup on that day. However it cleans the face really good, I just like to be precise!  I clean around my eyes beforehand with the Garnier Skin Active micellar water and a cleansing pad  because you do not want to use this on your eyes...its weird...I tried haha! Also for the nose just go for it, it definitely tickles but feels good all at the same time. Use the edge of the brush to get in the crevices of the nose area!
clarisonic mia 2

My thoughts on the Clarisonic!
I actually like this product! It really feels like a massage for your face! I try to do it at least once a day especially in the morning! In the Shower is the best time to do it but hey if you have a few seconds in the morning its a great way to send love to your face quickly!

Little Extra Bits!
In the box it came with the Deep Pore Daily cleanser and Deep Pore Detoxifying Clay Mask that I've been using as well and I'm really fond of both of them as they have not broken me out at all! The facial mask really surprised me as it really softens my skin like I mentioned before!

clarisonic mia 2

7 Things You Need to Consider when Using the Clarisonic

1. Use enough face wash and water!
 Put the right amount in the center of the Clarisonic. Also soak the entire brush before starting. Don't be afraid to get it soaking wet! This ensures you are getting enough to actually clean your face because what would be the point right?!

2. Don't share it with anyone else.
It just like any makeup brushes don't share it with anyone else not even your mom....yes my mom wanted to use it so I had to hide it lol!!! Transferring bacteria is no Bueno if you want to keep your skin acne free!

3. Don't quit just because you get a break out!
Sometimes you do not realize how bad you weren't cleaning your skin before! Don't fret after a couple of uses give it time. After a few weeks of use, you should see a reduction in any acne.

4. Don't use exfoliating cleansers with it!
The brush is already doing the exfoliation! I'll be honesty I did this one time and I knew that I would never do it again. Too much exfoliation is not good for the skin. You don't wont to damage the skin!

5. Maintenance is Key to keeping this thing forever!
Every other week, remove the brush and give it a good wash with shampoo. Don't let the dirt build up over time because that's when you  really will get acne!

6. Replace your brushes!
As much as I'm a cheapo I know the importance of keeping good brushes on hand! So replace these brushes every so often my suggestion is at least 3 months apart when you start to see the brushes bunching up together.

7. It's OK to restart the Cycle!
Don't forget your neck too! I always go over my face at least 2 times just to make sure I got all the areas properly then I move down to my neck! If you happen to have acne on your décolletage then go ahead and scrub-a-dub-dub haha!

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**This is a sponsored post in partnership with Clarisonic and Her Campus Media but of course all opinions are my own**

Let me Know in the Comments:
What are your go to easy and fast skin care essentials?
Have you tried any of the products I've mentioned?


  1. I never wash my face before bed such a bad habit, but I just end up so tired lol love my calrisonic!!

  2. I absolutely love my Clairisonic and your post is so on point. I had to clean out my skincare drawerand get down to the essentials that really work with my skin.

  3. Urgh, this post reminds me of how much I need a facial 😩😩😩 I'll try a face scrub for now ❤️

  4. This post couldn't have come at a more perfect time. I just ordered the Clairisonic brush and was looking forward to researching best practices on how to use! Appreciate your tips and tricks especially the key to using the right amount of water and cleanser!

    Thank you so much for sharing Jasmine!


  5. Great review!!! Love how you did it. Sometimes I don't do my full routine ill just wash my face and that's it I know I need to moisturize but sometimes I just wash ando go

  6. I've seriously considered the Clarisonic!! Is it worth it even if you don't have acne?

    Chow Down USA