Changes are Happening...Will You Join Me?

I wanted to write a more personal blog post today as we are at the end of November and the year is almost gone, seriously it was January, like,  yesterday! If you've been a fan of my blog for a while you'll see that a lot is changing and I wanted to talk to you all about it!

My Blog Redesign!

As you know, blog redesign is important if you want to establish a name and brand for yourself. A blog or website speaks volumes about you as a person and I wanted it to speak more than what it was previously! Every year its important to work on your blog to make sure its in tip top shape! We all want people to WANT to stay on our blog for longer than just one post, right! I want you to be addicted to my blog! So on to the next import topic...

I'll be doing more in depth discussions about the importance of branding, standing out, and getting yourself noticed!

My Blog Topics!

Blog topics are very important in letting people know what you are all about! That's why this is another part of my blog that is drastically changing. I'm adding more business savvy tips to my blog! I want this to be an encouraging place for aspiring Creative entrepreneurs. This is something I'm so passionate about as I transition into a business owner. I want to learn so much so I can help you! I'll be doing a lot more blogging tips as I know that many people love my no fluff, just really advice on blogging and all of the aspects that line up with it! I also wanted to incorporate my love for photography a little more as well because I know so many people want to learn too! Don't worry I'll still always bring out a good beauty or fashion look as Girl Bosses need to look flawless too! As you can look at my navigation bar at the top you can see how I categorized everything.

Creative Entrepreneurs is anyone who does something outside of the norm of a regular entrepreneur. So if you are a blogger looking to turn your blog into a business then you are a creative entrepreneur!

New Services!

I've been wanting to do this for a while! I love helping others and I've been doing this blog game for quite a long time! I've learned a lot and I've gotten better and better each year. I love to educate, research and help others as much as I can so that's why I created an Email Coaching Service that is the most affordable type of coaching for bloggers with not a lot of money to spend on higher priced coaching at the time. This is mainly catered to new bloggers but If you are a seasoned blogger and have hit a plateau shoot me a message! I wanted to give a service that is highly impactful yet affordable for all bloggers even offering payment plans! Find out more here! Get a free Session on me to figure out how I can help you!

More to Come!

I have so many ideas for my blog! I want to create E-books and E-Courses and even a stock photography subscription program. I want to develop a community around like minded individuals that have the same idea in mind with a new Facebook group. So that's where you come into play.

 I want to hear from you. I want my blog and services to be an extension of you too. What do you want to see on my blog? What's something you are struggling with?

New Schedule!

 I want to be able to have a set schedule in mind to keep me focused! I highly recommend you all do this if you are feeling overwhelmed with posting. I most likely want post every single day but these are the days that I will broadcast a certain post topic! So I hope this helps you too to always be in the know!

Mondays: Business/ Girl Boss Strategies
Tuesdays: Blogging Tips
Wednesdays: Social Media Tips
Thursdays: Photography Tips
Fridays: Health + Wellness
Saturdays: Style + Beauty
Sundays: Inspirational and Motivational Topics

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Call to Action!!!
 Time to Hear from You!
What are you looking forward to seeing the most on my blog?
Do you have any blog post suggestions?



  1. A very interesting post !!!
    We'll be in touch!!!!

  2. Oh, I'm so proud of the expert you've become. I followed you when you were starting and there's so much change in your site but I love it. I'm learning with you and yeah, I'll be waiting to digest the info you will share.

  3. love this CAN'T WAIT FOR TODAYS POST!!!