Cozy Winter Styled Stock Photography for Women Entrepreneurs and Bloggers

This month I wanted to start showcasing more styled stock photography I've been working on! Especially since I'm giving you tons of new BLOG Post ideas each month. So I know you want to have styled stock photos that cater to the cooler season ahead!  A lot of bloggers was in love with my 15 Free Stock Photos and How to Use them post! I seen my styled photos popping up on my timeline and me not remembering that I totally have a business now thought "when did I write that post" haha! It made me so happy to see people that liked my stuff. I'm so used to just creating photos for myself and to see someone else love them warms my heart!

Speaking of warming my heart I have a new Styled Stock Bundle in my etsy shop that I wanted to share with you! Not to mention a FREE stock photo from this bundle if you sign up to my email list ;)

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Colder Days are Ahead

This month is all about warmth and transitioning into the winter season! With this bundle I wanted to create a cozy vibe...let me know if I did it justice!

How you can use my styled stock photos on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter...GET THEM LIKES AND COMMENTS GIRL HAHA!

Picture This...

 Can you envision yourself just cozied up with a cup of coffee and a warm blanket! I wanted to go with a minimalistic rustic feel because with the busy days ahead of shopping, we need that sense of peace and awareness of the here and now moments!

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Whether you are a blogger or girl boss with your own business these images are great ways to dress up your graphics for your website, blog post, and social media accounts. If you need help in learning how to use stock photos check out this newsletter I sent my subscribers last month!

Catering to All

The collection includes 15 styled images featuring flatlays and lifestyle shots so that you can find something that works perfectly for you! I included images for all my black women out there because I know how hard it is to find stock photos that cater to us!

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Cozy Moments Styled Photos for Women of Color
5 styled stock lifestyle photos for women of color

Don't forget to Sign up to get free stock photos each month and 20% off your total purchase!

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  1. Your stock photos are beautiful. And I love the fact that they are of women of color. Thanks for sharing this.


  2. Your photos are stunning. I honestly appreciate the fact that it is for women like me. =)

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  7. These look really nice! Bloggers are always in need of nice and new stock photos :)
    xx nicole

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