Unique Ways to Use Stickers for Business or Personal Use!

Using stickers to brand your business is a great way to get noticed! Or you are like me and like stickers to place on every freaking thing! Whatever budget you have, stickers are a great cheap investment to add to your business or even to your everyday life. I partnered up with Sticker App the same company that does Case App to give you awesome ways to use stickers!Check out my phone case post I did with Case App btw!  So basically you can customize your own stickers! They can be small enough for a planner or big enough to be mural on a wall! OK maybe not that big but you get the picture!
how to use stickers for business

Here are 10 Tips for Designing Beautiful Stickers!

how to use stickers for business
1. Choose the right size: Determine how big or small you want your stickers to be! Whether its for a planner or for your wall, sizing is key!

2. Choose the right shape: How do you want your stickers to look.  You need to consider where you will be applying the sticker especially if you putting it on a product or container.

3. Choose the Right Material: Sticker App has 6 different materials including glossy coated vinyl, transparent, brushed alloy(metalized material), mirror sticker, wall sticker, and kraft paper(brown paper material). My favorite is the glossy coated and transparent! Make sure you know if its intended for outdoor or indoor use!

4. Choose the Right Fonts and Colors: If you like to customize here are a few tips! For beginners go for Canva or Fotor for designing purposes and dafont for cool fonts! Avoid thin light colored text on dark backgrounds  and dark colored text on dark backgrounds.

5. Choose the Right Images: I love finding tumblr pictures and turning them into real life tumblr stickers. For best resolutions go for 150-300dpi if these are your own images. However if its images off of the internet go for larger  size images.

Unique Ways to Use Stickers for Business or Personal Use!

1. Gifts
Customize gifts for your products. Add a message or your monogram! This is also great for Christmas gifts and adding your own personal touch! Below is a monogram of my initials I made with fotor.com! Sticker App also has monograms here already premade that I absolutely adore for the more professional me!

how to use stickers

I even added a quote sticker I made to this frame, no one would ever know!

2. Organization
Labels are great way to organize shelves, boxes, drawers, and so much more. Create an organized work space to cut down the chaos of a business or if you are just a messy person haha!

3. Laptop and Cell phone 
This is a great idea if you want to display your business logo on your laptop or phone case! If its a really cool design people will want to know more! Also you can just get super cute stickers already made from sticker app like these below if you are like me and like cute and quirky stickers. These get me so happy every time I look at them!

4. Wall Decals

If you are a quote junky like me why not add your favorite quote to your wall. Add one that motivates and inspires. Or add personal touches to desktops or lampshades!

5. Backdrops
I originally seen this idea on the blog Oh Happy Day called Giant Stickers Photo Booth Backdrop and became obsessed! Why have a regular white or colored backdrop when you can have something more original! OK maybe I'm the only one that would do something like this but its also great for photo booths at parties! So totally worth it!

backdrops using stickers

Check out stickerapp.com and get some awesomme premade stickers or customize your own! Take 20% with COLORUSTICKERS20!

*This post is sponsored by stickerapp but all opinions are my own!

Have you used stickers for business? 
What are your favorite ways to use stickers in your personal life?


  1. Ooo I love your new blog layout! And this is such a cute post I love stickers a lot so gonna check out that website!!

  2. Love all these uses!!' Need to get me some stickers to make a backdrop!
    <3, Mindy

    1. You should! it's such a different way to do photography!

  3. I've always wondered how to use stickers, now I know. Thanks for sharing.