Create a Blog You'll Love: Ultimate Guide to Branding Series


Do You Hate the Look of Your Blog?

February is the month of Loooove and for some we may not have that special someone *raises hand in despair.* Haha so in all seriousness I want to help you fall back in love with your blog again. This February we are going to do just that!

how to brand your blog and create a blog you'll love

Keepin it Real!

I'm gonna keep it really real... I love my blog! Not to be cocky but if you seen my past blog designs you would simply cringe! I,m be what you would call a "DIY Blog Designer" because I always go in and design every aspect of my blog. I honestly learned a lot along the way and I'm finally at the point where my brand and my blog matches up with what I want!

The Focus For February!!!

That's why I want to create a series that will help you find confidence in your blog again. In January, I focused more on helping you learn about the importance of branding. So this month it's about making branding work for you! Your blog and social media needs to be branded in order for it to succeed in 2017 and beyond! I bet you are so tired of hearing about branding, but, people talk about it because it is so important.

This past year I was transitioning my blog into more of an educational style blog that catered to new bloggers so I had to make a switch. So that meant finding my true purpose, finding my ideal audience, creating a theme that fit my purpose, logo, and audience! To be honest I didn't even know what branding was until a few months ago but over the years I had already started to brand myself without even realizing it. However, when I really took a deeper look at what I wanted, things really started to take a turn for the better!

Learn how to find your blog's purpose and ideal audience!

My Progress after Rebranding!

  1. I gained my first 10,000 page views in 2016 and it only went up from their!
  2. I got my first viral pin (that is still making waves) and more pins are being pinned every single day. I was able to get to 4,000 followers on Pinterest!
  3. Something I'm truly proud of is that I was able to get 3 clients for my blog coaching business for this month. Guess what I didn't even have to promote it, because,  my blog did it for me.

That is the power of branding!

What we will be focusing on this month!

  1. How to make a good first impression on your blog and social media-We'll be diving into those first few minutes of being on a blog and how it can affect what a person will do afterwards as well as how to create a social media presence.
  2. How to create a logo you will love! We'll be looking at the meaning behind logos and why it's important to create a logo and tagline that aligns with your brand.
  3. How to choose a color palette that aligns with your brand's purpose and audience. We'll take a look at how colors can affect the mood of your overall blog and why it's so important.
  4. Then we will be able to really get down to business with DIY Brand Design Tips I've learned from almost 4 years of blogging.
  5. I'll also be diving into more photography tips to help you create a cohesive brand through imagery!

What You Need to Get Started Now!

So I hope you are excited to learn more about branding and why it's so important! So let's get started this week by taking the 7 Day Rockstar Branding Course to help you find your purpose, your ideal audience, and creating a brand style guide to help you get started! I'll have tons of worksheets to help you get started OR you can get the 40+ Page Workbook now that gives you EVERYTHING you need to get started for only $10 just click here!

If you are ready to take your blog to the next level and are willing to work for it then this course is for you!

In the comments: 
Tell me what your biggest frustration is on your blog and social media and what you would love to learn more of when it comes to branding yourself!

Jasmine :)


  1. I think my biggest challenge as a blogger is figuring out how I want my blog to look!!

  2. While I currently love the look of my blog, I am looking to bring the brand to print through media kits and business cards. This is something I'm definitely working on!

  3. Branding your social media is so important!

    Alix |

  4. Branding is so so so important! You did an amazing job too, your blog is eye-catching and awesome!