Define Your Blog's Purpose Like a Boss!


If you don't have a purpose for your blog, your blog will eventually fail! 

Yep I just busted somebody's bubble, I kinda feel bad not gonna lie *insert sad emoji! But no, I'm totally for real about this! I can't tell you the number of times I've watched a blogger quit because it wasn't right for them, it started to feel like "work," or took a direction that just wasn't their cup of tea! I get it, I've been there! However, for me I knew my big picture so I had to rework my very own "why" needless to say I'm very happy with my purpose (my why) now.

Why you need a Purpose!

  • You'll have direction
  • You'll have content that makes sense
  • You want overwork yourself with useless tasks
  • You'll stay motivated
  • You want get overwhelmed

I'm always on the hunt to bettering my blog, I be on that on that new ish!  I decided toward the end of last year around August that things was going to start changing for my blog and for the better! I wanted to create goals for my blog but first I needed my why!

how to define your blog and why it's really important to succeed as a blogger

Catch phrase of the Day...What's your Why?

I know you hear this phrase all over the place but it's there for a reason, essentially it has its own purpose too. It's a great prompt to help your creative juices start to flow. Everyone say's we need a Why for a you have your why?

Here are some of my Why's

  • My family
  • My readers
  • Their pain points (what they need help with)
  • Money (let's be honest for a sec this intertwines with family)
  • Creative Outlet (Omg this has shoot my creativity to the next level)
  • Productiveness
  • Be a role model  and teacher to others (I never knew how much I loved to help until now)
  • Opportunity to break outside my comfort zone
  • Bettering my blog and who I am is my ultimate why!!!

Now Your Turn...What is Your Why!

List your why's down be as specific as you can and don't feel ashamed for it! Your Why is being true to yourself....or in Catlyen Jenners words your AUTHENTIC SELF!!!

Your audience needs to feel the passion that burns within!!! It needs to be seen through your blog content, your social media, and everywhere else! Show your personality, get real with others, be your authentic self!

If you are in a blogging's because you have not found your why! Simple as that!

Now once you know your why then you can start cutting out all the less productive things that you don't need and are wasting your time. Blog with a purpose and a fire that will encourage others to listen!!!

Define Your Blog Purpose!

How to define your blog's purpose

1. List Your Topics and make it Plain!

What truly interest you! What makes you sooo pumped to talk about it? Write down every single topic! Then I want you to put them into categories such as your Maybe I'll blog about it to Heck Yes I'll blog about it categories!

2. Do you have theme of topics!

Figure out which topics correlate the best. Take for instance If you love fashion but also love diy and beauty. Well why not do all three and intertwine cool posts that make sense like DIY Fashion looks or DIY Beauty Secrets! Put DIY as your Main Category and add what type of DIY's you would love to DIY below it! Group small topics into larger Categories!

Take for instance my Social Media Tips Category: I have a ton of ideas I can work with including Facebook topics, Instagram, twitter, etc.

A Good Rule of Thumb: Narrow Down your Categories to at least 5-7! That way you aren't all over the place...aka me a while ago haha!

3. Figure out blog post ideas!

How many blog post ideas can you come up with from that topic? Can you think of a bazillion things to write about or are you struggling! If so take that category out it's too narrow and you won't be able to keep blog post coming!

Check out my blog topics in the navigation bar: As you can see I have a ton of ideas I can work with!

4. Create a main Topic for you Blog!

Ok so you wrote out all of the topics that you love, you took out the  ones that wasn't that awesome, and then you wrote out a bunch blog post ideas that will kick butt in the long run! So now it's time to look at all of this and find out what your main Topic is for your blog! This is what will basically tell others what you are all about. It's important to find the theme in what you want to create or are creating and make it your main thang! This main topic isn't going to limit what you create it will expand your knowledge and grow your passion even more! Having a main topic will allow you to find focus and priority in everything you do! Summarize your blog in 1-2 sentences and that my friend is your blog's purpose!

Take for instance my tagline: Helping Creative Girl Bosses Stand Out!

5. Test the Waters!

Start writing! If you find that you are struggling to enjoy a certain topic then maybe it's not meant for you. It's ok, scratch it off the list and keep it moving! You are bound to find something that works for you! Don't ever let a topic you are writing be draining to your soul you will wind up hating it! Lol why do you think I stopped doing so many makeup looks haha! Find what inspires you and take away what doesn't!

6. Keep Learning!

You never know the passions that can come about from figuring out what you like to do. I always had a passion for helping others but never thought teaching would be apart of it until I started doing it! I love it so much and can't get enough! Same with photography! Don't feel you are limited to certain topics. As you progress as blogger things will become clear to you! Trust and believe!

Uuum you totally need this in your life!

If you are having trouble with your "why" go ahead and join me as I've created a FREE 7 Day Rock Star Branding Email Course to help you brand your blog with straight up purpose!!!! In lesson 1 you'll get a free worksheet that will help you with your why! Go ahead click that button and be redirected to all the juicy stuff!

Tell Me what do you blog about and what is your why in the comments!

how to define your blog's purpose and why its super important to succeed as a blogger

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  1. My blog is currently a mish-mash of different stuff, I will take some of your tips on board! Thanks for sharing :)