The Ultimate Workbook to Brand Yourself as a Blogger!

I am extremely excited to announce my first ever in-depth workbook that will make your blog KICK SOME MAJOR BUTT this year!!!! Are you excited because I'm excited too! I created this workbook as a part of my ECOURSE coming out SOON! Ooops I totally spoiled it oh well...GET FREAKING PUMPED WITH ME!

Branding is the marketing practice of creating a name, tone, and design that identifies and differentiates someone or something from others! It's all the ways you establish an image of yourself or business in your readers/customers eyes!
Ultimate guide to branding yourself as a blogger or creative. Branding yourself is one of the most important things you can do as a blog or creative business owner. Stop spending a ton of money on branding when you can do it yourself! Learn how to brand yourself as blogger.

Working Hard to Deliver More!!!

I worked extremely hard on this workbook even into the New Year, yep the clock hit 12 and I was still working on it haha! Don't knock the passion lol! I wanted to really make it in-depth for you so that you can understand every single element that branding ensues! One reason why I created the FREE EMAIL COURSE to help you out with this workbook too!!!


  • This gives you everything you need to brand in one convenient place and then some!
  • So stop searching all over the place for articles and workbooks that only give you a little info! 
  • If you like my style of writing then you will like my workbook because I give you advice on every page to help you understand branding and how it works! 
  • You'll get this especially convenient workbook for only $7! 

I'm super pumped about branding, business and being yourself especially since it's HIGHLY important now days if you want to get noticed! I want to help you learn how to make your brand the BEST it can be! I want your personality to shine through your blog posts, design, social media and so much more!  There's sooo many brands out there so it's really important to stand out in an authentic way. This fun highly impactful workbook will show you how to incorporate different aspects of your personality directly into your brand! The result is a brand that is truly unique and all you!!!

You are awesome and I want everyone else to know it too!

Here's a sneak peek at the good stuff! Over 40 pages of everything you need to get that blog of yours as unique as it possible can be! I added tons of advice, helpful tips, checklists, questions, and even a pop quiz that, don't worry, is pretty fun! Plus when you buy the workbook you'll get a BRAND STYLE GUIDE TEMPLATE and how to use it to help you make your brand Identity stand out! All for $7!

What's Included in the Workbook:

  • A clarity Session- Understanding Branding, Why it's Important, and What's Holding You Back.
  • Brand Personality-  Understand how you want to be perceived through purpose, personality, and voice.
  • Ideal Reader- Defining your ideal readers and actually searching for them on social media
  • Brand Identity- Making Your Brand Recognizable across your blog and social media!
  • Checklists- to help you keep up and to not get overwhelmed with the idea of branding or rebranding!

 I would love for you to work on this while doing my totally FREE EMAIL COURSE CALLED ROCKSTAR BRANDING...I know, I know I'm too generous haha!

Get it for $7 now!


  1. This is really helpful. I just wish I came across such material when I was starting. :)

    1. Thank you!!! Me too it would have saved me a lot of time but so glad I can help others on their journey!!!

  2. Great resource Jasmine! I am pinning your post!! P.S. I LOVE your hair! <3

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