9 Things you Absolutely Need on Your Blog


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9 things you need on your blog now! From design tips to your about page, here are a list of the top 9 things you need to include on your blog!


  1. Loved this post!!, i am missing a picture on my about me and work with me page

  2. You're right, it's amazing how many people don't have some of these basic things. I personally don't have a pop up email thing, but I also run a much smaller blog :P I think it's funny you mention colour though because I've recently converted my blog to various shades of grey. Well, whatever works!
    Natalie @ www.natillie.com

  3. Well this a relief! 9/9! Thank God I'm finally doing something right. Although, I could definitely do better with #9. I'm lazy when it comes to pictures!

  4. I definitely need a navigation bar!Thank you for the tips.
    The Color Palette

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