How to Strategically Grow Your Instagram Account!

Are you  sick of that follow/ unfollow trend going on right now? Stuck in rut on Instagram and don't know how to move forward. If you are posting to crickets I may have what you need to get you out that rut. I wanted to share my secrets to getting more followers and engagement on Instagram. Btw I created a New video for this yayyy!!!

How to get more followers on instagram the right way. Getting engagement and followers on instagram can seem pretty hard now days. That's why it's important to focus on the right audience. Here are 5 ways you can get more followers and engagement on Instagram!

Create Relevant Content

Creating relevant content goes along the same line as branding. Really, Instagram is just another extension of the branding phase. So if you already have a blog then your Instagram should have the same purpose and content as your blog. Create what your target audience is going to want most. If they love to see graphics with quotes then do more of that! If they love seeing mini videos on your IG then do it! Post things that will target people that you want to be in your community.

  1. Make sure you have a purpose for each post.
  2. Make it relevant to your targeted audience include a caption that is informative, helpful, motivational, etc.
  3. Don't try to appeal to everyone...that's too much energy being spent in the wrong direction.

Engage with Audience

If you want people to engage with you, you must make the first move. Be the icebreaker! Create Calls to Action that make people stay on your page longer. Don't forget to respond back! This keeps people engaged especially if you keep the convo going somehow. Take at least 10 minutes to respond back and leave genuine comments on their page too!

Examples of CTA's

  • Telling them to click the link in the bio to take them to something in particular.
  • Tell them to tag a friend (only if it's relevant to the caption and IG Post)
  • Tell them to answer a question in the comment section.

Build Community

In order to build a community, you need to actually find people! So go searching around to find people that are engaging on other peoples feed. Like their stuff, comment genially, and follow back if you really like their page. Travel down your own IG feed and like and comment on people you are already following too!

Give back and surprise your followers

  1. Do contest and giveaways
  2. Do collabs with others in your Niche
  3. Share their post with your audience

Use Hashtags

The best way to find people that will love your stuff is by searching and using hashtags! Go on to a popular hashtag that is mostly in the 1,000s and 100,000s to like and comment on photos you love. Don''t forget to follow people you really like. PLEASE DON'T DO THAT FOLLOW/UNFOLLOW's not cute! Doing that shows that you aren't loyal and makes people not trust you. When creating your caption use all 30 hashtags. We don't have a lot of time to capture people's attention so by putting the hashtags directly in your caption you'll get to people quicker. Keep a list of hashtag relevant to certain post in your phone. I have hashtags for different types of pictures I post to cater to different people in  my niche.

Determine the Best Times to Post 

You don't want to be posting to crickets so find the right times and you are go to go! I use Prime to manage my times on all of my Instagram Accounts. In order to cater to the following that you already have find the best times to post and get them to engage with you and your post!  The best way to do that without apps or a paid subscription is by posting at different times of the day to see how many engage at certain times! It's all about trial and error!

In the Comments: What has helped you create more IG Followers and Engagement? What other videos would you like to see!

What to Read Next for Instagram Success

I created this blog post in PDF form so you can always have it on hand!
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  1. This was such an informative post! I immediately posted on Instagram using your tips for an upcoming trip to Paris. Hoping to engage my audience a bit more!

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    Thanks for these tips! Instagram and Facebook are the weak spots for my blog. They definitely need help.

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