7 Everyday Items You can Use for Photography


I love buying props for my stock photography business. I'm always find myself looking for little trinkets around stores so you can already tell I'm a bit of a prop hoarder haha! I always get questions from cashiers wanting to know if I'm redecorating, if they only knew ha! Well, after my last purchase at Target I realized I may want to stop for a while, I told myself it was an investment...yeeeah!

Technically it's my job....

While I'm naturally prone to buying little things for "investments" I know I have plenty of items at home that I can work with too! Before I could afford props I literally had to work with what I had and I know others have to do the same! So here is 7 items that you can find around your home to create beautiful images!

7 affordable and easy ways to use everyday items for styling props for photography!


My favorite thing to use in photography is cute mugs, its my unhealthy addiction. You can also use plates, bowls, forks, spoons, etc!

Flowers and Plants 

My favorite ways to liven up any photo! I've jumped on the bandwagon with succulent plants but can you blame me! If you have fresh bouquet hanging around or in house plants why not add them to your photos. I've just started getting custom bouquets so best believe I'll be creating gorgeous photos!

Office Supplies

 Ahhhh the joys of office supplies! I'm a sucker for office supplies I went crazy in Target buying scissors, pens, paperclips, notebooks and staplers. You may have some cute office supplies around and even if you don't there is a lot of affordable places to shop!
Fabric : Sweet fabric and posters! These are awesome backgrounds in images and having a variety is even better. You can also use scarves, blankets and clothes as backgrounds!

Tech Stuff

Your phone is your best prop and you don't have to go buy it! You can also use your laptop, headphones, ipads, keyboards, etc.


Another easy way to incorporate candles! I have so many at the house anyway so why not just use them in photos.
Craft supplies: Confetti, colored paper, posters, colored pencils,  brushes and so on!  If you love to diy then you should have these already around the house and even if you don't they are super affordable!

Other House Item

 I love taking little things like trays, sculptures, books, frames, and so much more and finding what works for my picture! It's amazing what you can find just around your house! It's liking searching your couch and finding so many things you forgot you had!

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In The Comments: What are your go-to props for creating awesome photos? Are you new to photography what do you need to learn more of?

Check out some of my favorite things to buy below!

7 affordable and easy ways to use everyday items for styling props for photography!


  1. Great ideas for photos! Your photos are beautiful.

  2. Good advice as always! I sell mermaid inspired things on my Etsy store, so I often grab the decorative seashells from my bathroom as props. I also use some pearl costume jewellery too. I like the idea of incorporating plants into photos :)

  3. Thanks for sharing your favorite 'pro' tips with us! These are great ideas - off to snap now!

    The How-to Guru

  4. I love to add fresh flowers or confetti for a pop of color.

  5. Candles, books and coffee mugs are my go-tos! Also, jewelry or clutches in fashion photos!


  6. I love all of these suggestions. I find that TJ Maxx and Target are great places to find cute stuff for flatlays.

  7. I use a ton of washi tape rolls. Instant color! Great list!

  8. Great list of props! I love buying new office supplies for photos and new mugs just for photos.

  9. Excellent selections Jasmine! I love pictures with mugs!

  10. I have not started taking this type of photo yet. I appreciate all of the great ideas. I think the dollar bins at Target would be a great place to look too.

  11. Scarves!! Such a wonderful idea. I have so many and I feel like they aren't put to good use. Using my scarves in photos from now on :)

  12. I definitely need to get better about staging photos! I have so many lovely knick-knacks around that I could be using for more than just sitting on a bookshelf :)

  13. Thanks for all the tips. I have gotten better at utilizing things around the house for props. My favorite "store" is my mom's house. She calls it a library. I "check out" things she has, and bring them back later to exchange for different things. Saves me heaps of money.

  14. on point! It's so funny when we take a step back and look around how many "props" are already around us!

  15. Great ideas!! I would never have thought of dishes but you are so right!!

  16. Being a photographer can be such a rewarding and exciting career. It's probably very hard to go shopping and not want to buy all of the beautiful things you see when inspiration hits. Having all of these props allows you to better serve your clients. Maybe consider a different organizational system that will allow you to buy more props.

    George @ Dutch Hollow Supplies