Why I Created a Stock Photo Membership

Well the Shortest answer would be to help bloggers and entrepreneurs who need gorgeous visuals stand out online for an affordable price! 

However, I want to give you a backstory!

When  I started my blog back in 2013 I had no clue what I was doing all I knew is that I wanted to do it! I kept putting it off for months and then I finally decided to take the leap! That's the thing with me I will procrastinate for months until I just have to tell myself..."Jasmine get off your butt and just do it!" When it came to my blog even in 2013 I knew visuals were highly important at least for me! I would always search around for photos...uuumm until I found out that I shouldn't just use any picture off of google! I never got in trouble for using those photos but when I read an article about why I shouldn't do it I decided it was time to find actual stock photos online!

I've always been a very visual person so taking photos came easy for me. Of course those photos weren't always the best but no one could tell me nothing, I loved it! So as my blogging started to grow so did the blogging world! In early 2014 is when I saw the rise of so many new bloggers. I started to notice more and more bloggers with really great photos and a part of me got jealous haha! So I didn't just sit back and compare myself I decided to figure out what the heck they were doing to make their photos so great! Oh girl my life changed completely!

I started off with  just my little ole ancient phone, then I got my ma's old small canon camera out and started using that! I was learning new techniques! After a while I wanted something more advance, however my budget said otherwise! When I got the chance to win a camera on twitter I went for it! Never in a million years did I think I would actually win a Canon 70D but I DID!!! That started a tailspin of amazing photos to come!

As Instagram and Pinterest became more popular I knew I had to up my photo game. Creating graphics became my new found love and adding graphics and photos together made me unstoppable! I kept using photos from other sites(because I loved the way they looked) however I knew I couldn't just use any ole google pic so I started to research and found a ton of stock photos sites that I never even new existed! After a while I was tired of searching all over the place for stock photos. So i started creating what I wanted to see!

I started to get so many people loving my photos and even asking where I got those photos! Alot of people would say they wished they could make pretty photos too. So I started to share my advice however a lot of people would say they just wasn't creative (btw if you are human you are creative no matter what you think).  In October of 2016 I decide to share free stock photos and created an opt-in to give more stock photos each month!  So instead of keeping my stock photos to myself I decided to share them with others and it was such a success!

I wanted to take the guess work out of finding stock photos for others! In a world full of visual beings having great photos is so important in standing out online! Back in 2013 I didn't know a clue about photograhy let alone stock photos. Now  it's something that I love and can share with others. I never realized that even now people don't know what stock photos are! After about 5 months of creating photos for my etsy shop, doing custom stock photos for other bloggers and rocking the pinterest game with my own graphics I knew I had something to offer others!

C.U.B Style Stock Member was born!
Whew if you read this whole thing, you are the real MVP haha! 

So what do you need to know about my Style Stock Membership?

1. It's just me and my camera creating gorgeous stock photos for you! I'm hoping to expand this so I can have diverse skin tones in the stock membership but I love that I can cater to more darker skin tones as so many stock photos lack this diversity! I have a ton of stock photos that will cater to all bloggers and niches!

2. Each month members will get over 50 stock photos that will be themed around what the members vote on! There will be a variety of horizontal, square, and vertical photos for pinterest, instagram, and any other social media you prefer!

3. Done-for-you quote graphics that I will create just for you including blank templates for your own personal use! These will be great for when you have no clue what to post on social media!

4. Stock photos that will cater to any type of blogger! I will have a survey to see who all are members in the group and what they like!

5. I'll also be offering a variety of Membership plans from 1 month, 3 Month, 6 month, and 12 Months! I wanted to do that because I know alot of people are on a budget and may not be able to pay tons of money each month! If you are hesitant I also have $10/month plan too! 

6. April 1st will be the launch of my very own Styled Stock website so that members will be able to get older stock photos and search the library to get the photos they need all in one place!

Well there ya go why I started this crazy ride and why I'm giving it away for a steal for a limited time! If you need more convincing click here and I'll show you what you'll be getting when you sign up!

Don't need anymore convincing: Sign Me Up!

Here's some samples of the stock photos you'll be getting month after month!

In the comments: What are you favorite ways to use stock photos?


  1. Hi!! I am sooooo in love with your branding. Your blog is beautiful! Congratulations on starting your own membership service! I'm adding it to the list of stock-by-bloggers in my free Pinterest course.

  2. This is awesome and is nudging me! I've been throwing my thoughts about doing something like this for awhile, maybe I'll end up pursuing it. Love your work!

  3. This was such a great idea. Kudos to you for seeing a need and stepping out to fill it!

  4. Love this!! Congratulations girl!! So happy for you pursuing your dreams!

  5. That's such a great idea!! Good luck!!