30 Time Management Skills to Master Before You're 30

"People often complain about lack of time when the lack of direction is the real problem."

Today I wanted to share with you a couple of time management skills we should all be working towards. Whether you are 18 or past 30 time management is important for a work-life balance. If you are feeling overwhelmed pick some of these skills to work toward. You'll be surprised how less stressed you become.

  1. Schedule Your Day
  2. Invest in a Planner
  3. Complete Hard Tasks first
  4. Schedule Specific times for Specific tasks
  5. Manage your Emails
  6. Learn and Practice Self Control
  7. Use a Calendar
  8. Dedicate time for Fun Activities
  9. Get Plenty of Rest
  10. Get up Early
  11. Plan for the Unplanned
  12. Ask for Help or Advice
  13. Batch your tasks
  14. Set Deadlines
  15. Decline Additional Commitments
  16. Tidy your Workspace
  17. Only take on What you can finish
  18. Only focus on what matters 
  19. Set Reminders
  20. Stop Multi-taskings, focus on one thing and finish it
  21. Value your time and others will too
  22. End your work day a fixed time
  23. Set Deadlines
  24. Don't stress over unimportant details
  25. Review what you've done for the day and create a list for the next day.
  26. Carry your to-do list with you at all times
  27. For a couple of days, take an inventory of how you spend your time. Then reevaluate your time wasters.
  28. Keep your desk organized
  29. Finish your task no matter what
  30. Cut bad habits with a "Stop Doing" List 

Other Productivity Tips

What are some time management skills you want to master?


  1. There are some really great ideas here! I do think 'do the hard things first' is so incredibly important as I find those are the ones that drift to the bottom of my to do list and then never get done!!

  2. Such a great post. Now that I'm blogging, time management is soooo important. Carrying around my to do list at all times is my latest find and it has helped so much.

  3. Really great time management tips! It's amazing what a clean and organized workspace can do! I also love the colours of your blog :)

  4. I think my biggest problem is getting up early. I suck at it so bad. I need to master it it, especially now that I have a little kid, I want a little time to myself before he wakes up.

  5. learning to say no has been so key for me! it feels like there are fewer and fewer hours in the day as you get older!

  6. These are great tips! I'm 32 and I still need to master some of these LOL

  7. These are really good tips. Keeping a to-do list and planner help me out a lot. I still waste time sometimes tho... I need to take your advice and do the hard tasks first(I always procrastinate and save them for last) and take inventory of how I use my time.

  8. These are great tips, so helpful, especially since I just started working from home and always up for learning more time-management skills :)