3 Photography Mistakes to Avoid + FREE EBOOK!

First of all making mistakes is a part of learning as a beginner. I never want you to feel like you aren't doing it right. Just like learning anything, you can learn from your mistakes. Finding out what you are having difficulty in helps you grow. I wanted to share with you 3 Photography Mistakes that I've made in the past and how you can learn from them like I did! I'm probably still making some mistakes but hey, its all in learning. Let's get into it!


Mistake #1 You are scared of manual mode!

I know it can be intimidating but putting your camera in manual mode will make shooting photos a lot easier. Yes you have to learn some new terminology. Yes, you have to manually go in and reset different things on your camera but that's what helped me when I started off. I'll be honest when I first started I immediately hated automatic! I didn't have control over how my photos turned out so I researched and looked at a ton of tutorials to help me out. The 3 main elements you need to know is Aperture, ISO, and Shutter Speed. Learn them and memorize them.

Aperture(f stop): Allows you to have that blurry effect in your background when at the lowest settings such as f/1.8
ISO: Helps to brighten your images but watch out for taking it too high (this Setting should be the last resort)
Shutter Speed: The amount of time it takes for your shutter to close when you take a picture. So say for instance you are photographing a runner. You want your setting (1/# of a second) to be fast enough to prevent unflattering blurring. The faster the shutter the sharper the image the slower the shutter the more blurry the image will be.

Solution: Open up your manual and start learning where everything is! If you don't know what something is look  it up. I'll be touching basis on this subject in my new e-course coming soon ;)

This photo was taken on my Canon 50mm lens! I creates that dreamy blurring effect that I love!

Mistake 2: I was afraid of making my ISO high!

I always heard that you should never go above 400 so that's what I stuck with for many years. Yes, its true you get noise if you turn your photos up too high, however, if you try to have your ISO as low as possible you run the risk of noise anyways when you go to edit it and have to brighten it up again. Playing around with the 3 main elements is important to not run the risk of noise or grainy images.

Solution: I suggest getting as much natural light to your photo as you can to avoid this. If you have windows or screen doors go to the them. When you can get outdoors and take photos. You'll be able to keep your photos bright enough that you don't have to turn your ISO up too much.

This was taking in low light environment but by getting to the window I was able to create a brighter image!

Mistake #3 I didn't think I could take good pictures with my phone!

I learned this bad boy a long time ago! Before I even got a camera I was shooting with my phone. Was my photos the best, no, but after tons of research and getting creative, I realized that its completely possible to take gorgeous photos with just my phone

Phone photography is perfect for on the go! I used the portrait feature on my iphone to create this photo!

Solution #3 Get my FREE EBOOK with 40+ tips and tricks for taking gorgeous phone photography from start to finish below! Your welcome hehe!

In the comments let me know what struggles you are having when it comes to photography!


  1. These tips are so helpful! I need all the photography tips I can get.

  2. I'm definitely still afraid of manual! So much I actually use my phone more than I should:-) Thank you for the tips!

  3. I'm beginning to play around with my camera more. My phone is so convenient though lol.

  4. Ah, this is nice. I don't think I can use my phone in taking great photos too. Thanks for these tips!

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