Girlboss Style: The Solopreneur

Today I wanted to do a bit of a different post, us business need style too! So I wanted to share with you my Solopreneur style. Whether it's going out to events, having a girls night, running errands, enjoying time with family or just lounging around I love to mix up my style so that I'm not just in PJ's all me it happens haha! 

Top Influencer!

When you have the chance to go to events or conferences break outside of your comfort zone. I love this outfit set from It makes me feel confident and like I can take on talking to anyone. If you are an introvert find that one outfit that makes you feel like BOSS!

Guess what day it is!!!

The weekend is almost here time to get comfy! For the days where you just want to relax opt for a long flowy shift dress like this one. OMG, this is so comfy I sometimes fall asleep wearing it...don't judge me! You can keep it casual like I did or add a belt to cinch in the waist and heels to give your legs some length!

Café Chill'n

I don't know why but I have this thing with flowy dresses! If you are pressed for time or just want to throw something on but still look classy, this white long sleeve dress will be perfect. Add a belt, some cute boots and you are out the door. This outfit would be cute for a lunch date with your team or sitting in Starbucks drinking your Pink drink...I know I'm basic haha!

Weekend Playtime

Don't forget you need to spend time with people! Try to break up your pj days every now and again and spend some times hanging out with friends.  I love to show my edgy side when I'm out and about having fun.  Body con dresses from Forever 21 shows off my curves but if I get chilly I can throw on a jean jacket for those late nights. Pair it with some low platform heels for extra height but your feet will not be in pain.

Ahhh those lazy sundays! Well you can still look put together, no excuses girl haha! I love graphic tees, colorful printed tops, hats and a long cardigan. Sundays are a time relaxing and spending time mentally preparing for the week ahead.

I hope this encourages you to dress up a bit and feel good! As a solopreneur, we tend to forget about our appearances especially if we run an online business. Step outside of your comfort zone and instead go to a little café shop in a cute outfit!

What is that one outfit that makes you feel cute?!


  1. Lazy Sundays are my favorite! I want to start to go to more events...I just haven't been brave enough too.

  2. I love that black dress! Its so sexy yet flirty and fun! This is a great post :)

  3. I miss posts from you that's about fashion and style.
    These are all gorgeous, girl. Love the first one the most though.

  4. Great outfit ideas! My idea of comfy used to be sweats but I've upgraded.

  5. I really like the looks you put together. And your right--just because we work from home doesn't mean we should stop caring about getting dressed! Thanks for sharing this; you've inspired me to up my style game.

  6. Since working from home I've been dressing like such a slob! I have no motivation to get dressed up, but I know I should! Thanks for the inspiration!