My Process for Taking Flat Lay Photography

Flat Lay photography is big now, have you noticed? I started doing flat lays back in 2014 when I first got my camera and at the time I literally didn't know what I was doing or the terminology for what I was doing. I just kept practicing and learning different techniques to make mine stand out amongst all of the other flat lay photos. Today I wanted to share with my simple process for creating flat lays for my own Instagram and Blog but I must admit I have few more tricks up my sleeve...stay tuned till the end ;)

Remember: Flat lay photography is photos created on a flat surface using props.

Camera and Phones: Less than $800

I use my Canon 70d to create most of my pictures. I'm always in manual mode because this gives me the most control of my subject and it's surroundings. If you are getting frustrated by how your photos are looking chances are you aren't in manual mode and you haven't learned your camera, yet! I also take photos with my iPhone 7 Plus when I'm on the go or just feel like creating a flat lay on my phone really quick. Ideally a DSLR is the best for taking your photos up a notch and being able to sell your photos and make a profit!

Lens: Less than $200!

When it comes to lens I'm a simple girl! Before I got hooked on micro lenses I was only using the standard camera lens that was provided in the kit. I literally used that lens for a wedding and it turned out pretty good!  My photos was awesome and from time to time I still use it especially if I'm creating an overhead flat lay and need to zoom in and out. However, lately I've been hooked on my 24mm and 50mm EF Canon lenses. Ahhh these bad boys are amazing for getting close up on photos, shooting  different angles, making the background look blurry,  plus it makes the photos look a ton brighter! These lenses run under $200 and it's  a great investment in anyone's pursuit of camera perfection!

The EF 24 mm is gives off a wider range and less blurred background as apposed to the 50mm which is a closer range and creates a more blurred background.

Props and Backdrops: $0-5

Well there is no photo without items to make it, right?! When it comes to props and backdrops its all in your preference. Remember your props need to make sense together. Think of your photos as a story, your backdrop sets the stage, and your props make up the characters. You don't have to look far for props and you definitely don't have to go buying a ton of things to do it either. My prop motto..."Whatever you got, make it work!" You'll be surprised by the things I've used for my stock photography membership and my free photos for you all! Click here for props for free and here for props under $5 to get prop ideas!
I used a small blue poster to get this look

Lighting: $0-$55

Ahhhh yes people, lighting is extremely important! If you don't have lighting your photos are going to turn out poorly and honestly there is no excuses here! If you don't have lighting indoors, go outdoors, if its raining stay indoors and get to a window. If you don't have neither get some lamps and heat them babies up you can always edit them to make them look spectacular, trust me I've did it before(flashback to another wedding)! I also have studio lamps but rarely use them. See you don't need a ton of money to get good lighting, just get to a freaking window lol!

I used a white backdrop and literally the windows to create this look lol!
This photo was taken right next to a window because it was raining outside!

Adobe Lightroom

My baby!!! Adobe Lightroom is my saving grace for really stepping up my images this past year! At first I was quite nervous using this new software, seriously adobe programs freak me the heck out for some reason. However, once you get the hang of it, look at tutorials, and get  hands on, it will definitely become a lot easier. I can make my photos a lot brighter, increase the sharpness on certain pieces, get rid of any unwanted spots, and so much more. To make editing a breeze, when I'm doing stock photos for my membership or clients,  I use my own Lightroom presets too!  My next goal is to learn Adobe Photoshop...lord be with me ha!

Phone Apps

Camera Connect by Canon is one of my favorite apps for shooting hands free when you have no one to help you! If you have a Canon and it has Wifi availability this app will work perfect for you when you are doing over head shots, hands in frames, even self portraits and fashion shoots. Hellooooo how do you think I do my own beauty and fashion shots. I'm sure as heck am not going to entrust it to anyone else, ha! I'm too much of a perfectionist!

When editing on the go I use different photo apps such as the Adobe Lightroom app, Afterlight, Snapseed, and Facetune. Honestly, its all in your preference some
may like these apps and some may not. Find photo editor apps that work for you and come easy to you. I don't use all of these apps all of the time because it's not necessary but if I need to touch up a photo for Instagram then these are my go-to apps!

Original color was more blue but I changed the color of the blue to match my brand, turquoise!

So there you go my behind the scenes of creating my flat lay photos or really any photos to be honest. I know a lot of people can be intimidated by photography but once you learn and get hands on it will become easier to you before you know it. Speaking of learning about photography....


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