The 3 Benefits of Finding Your Photography Style + How to Find it!


Do you have a photography style?

How to find your photography style and stand out.

Whether you are looking to learn how to create your own photos, find photos that work for your brand, or begin a career in photography, knowing your photography style is extremely important. Most new photographers overlook this and try to create photos like everyone else. Doing this lacks original style and consistency and conveys lack of professional identity.

By finding your photography style you'll ensure that your brand identity is align with your brand's purpose. Here are 3 key benefits of knowing your photography style.

You'll know exactly the type of images you want to take pictures of.

Being more focus allows you to understand what is truly important to you in a picture. Your story becomes clearer and you want waste your time on images that do not align with your style. However you can also work on using elements that is beneficial to your image and take away what doesn't.

Editing Becomes a Breeze

This can save you some much in post production while editing photos. Whenever I do custom stock photos or photos for my style stock membership I have a preset, a set of saved editing settings. By doing this your images become consistent every single time.

I tend to keep my images bright in post production. So that means in Adobe Light room I'll adjust the exposure, whites, and highlights settings as needed. I also like to have my photos a tad bit more saturated and my photos contrasted. These 5 settings will be my preset and I can adjust as needed.

Plus you can attract the right clients, companies and audience that will love it!

By having a personal style you'll attract the right people that will not only love your work but will tell others about it. Companies will come to you wanting brand sponsorships and clients will want to take on a similar style in there photos as well. Not only that your audience will look to you as having a brand identity they can trust.

My style is bright, colorful, and airy therefore I want clients for stock photos and an audience that love this style. By creating photos that are in connection to what my photography style is I can be more inspired to create something amazing! I'm consistently getting recognized on Pinterest for my bright and colorful images and its all because I developed a style that I love.

Custom Stock Photos I did for Spoonable Spirits.

As you use your phone or DSLR Camera finding your photography style becomes easier and easier.  Use your camera often. This will ensure that you are really getting the hand of your camera and what you like and what you do not like. Style should not be forced it's something that grows as you experiment more. When you learn more about what you like and what draws you to a certain image you can identify and improve your signature style.

  Grab this Photography Guide to help you find your photography style.   

how to find your photography style


  1. This is something I constantly struggle with. I feel like I change my mind like the weather about my style preference.

  2. Yes! These are great tips - something I'm currently working on.

  3. I agree with the other commenters that these are great tips. I finally feel like I'm hitting my stride with my photo aesthetic