B.O.S.S Guide to Starting an Online Business

How to start an online business

So you want to start your own online biz huh?!

Starting a business can be nerve racking and exciting all in the same notion. You get an idea and you want to go after it head first but then fear comes knocking. Self-doubt sets in. Comparison overwhelms you. It’s easy to want to just give up but I’m telling you that’s a bad idea!

That’s why I’m creating this new series B.O.S.S GUIDE TO STARTING AN ONLINE BUSINESS to help you conquer fear and self-doubt, work hard, and make your dreams a reality. Every week via video I’m going to talking about a new topic, where I discuss ways to help you take action in your online business journey.

So what is B.O.S.S?

B.O.S.S is my affirmation that stands for Bomba$$ owner succeeding successfully

I’m  constantly saying this to myself to keep my motivation up and to never give up. I’m a Bad ass owner succeeding successfully, are you?

In today’s post I’m going to be giving you the run down of the topics as well as the necessary steps to help you be a  B.O.S.S! it’s all about the very beginning starting your biz. What goes into the beginning process and how to make your online biz flourish in a sea full of online businesses!

The B.O.S.S Steps to having a Successful Business!

Step 1: Do a self-inventory.
I’ll be talking about whether or not you have the right mindset and abilities to cut it as a B.O.S.S. Before we can dive into our business we must have the attitude. What are your strengths what are your weaknesses? Can you cut it as an entrepreneur and what type of entrepreneur are you really!

Step 2: The big Idea
So you have the right mindset and now you have the big Idea. Where do you go from there? Well you need to research that baby. Is your idea profitable. Will people actually want what you are selling.

Step 3: Create a business plan
Amazing, you got past the two hurdles! Now its time for you to create a plan. What’s your mission, how are you gonna get there, who are your people, what’s your plan to make this thang work!

Step 4: Make it legal
You need know what you are about to get yourself into. Are you ready for the legal work. Taxes, ownership, etc.

Step 6: Register your name and design your brand
My favorite part design your brand! What do you want your brand to be about. How do you want to portray it professionally. We are gonna get deep into this!

Step 7: Make yourself the expert
It’s time for you to build content that will attract your ideal client and them become raving fans of your work. Before you can pitch yourself to others you need to add value.

Step 9: Create your sales pitch
Now you are ready to sell, but, first are you still afraid to sell? How can you create a sales pitch that is authentic to you and your brand!

Step 10: Market Yourself
You are now over the fear of saleing. You have the best sales pitch that rocks and now its time to sell yourself and your products to your dream customers. Where can you market too? Where’s the best places to market and sell your stuff. How can you sell it offline to get even more customers!

Step 11: You are now a B.O.S.S
You made it to B.O.S.S level ish! Congrats. You are making some money, you are standing out online and off and you are killing it with your sales pitch. No need to stop there. We have more to cover…are you ready for it😉. 2018 is about to be your year!

There ya go the 11 Steps you need to take to start, develop, and maintain your online business. Each week I’ll go more in-depth with each of these steps and by the end of this series you will know exactly where you are and how you want to maintain it.

So to get you excited I have a ton of FREE Biz Resources that I want you to have!Plus I'll be diving deep each week in the newsletter to talk about real issues in business. Get it now and stay connected to know when a new post is up all about the B.O.S.S Guide!

In the comments below let me know what your struggles are when it comes to having a business, keeping it afloat, and growing it!

How to start an online business


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  3. I love how you've grown into an authority as a blogger boss. Keep it up. And thanks for the tips. They're always very helpful.

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