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If you have a specific amount of photos in mind feel free to let me know and I can work with you. I offer down payments and full payment options.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1.  How do I contact you? Email me at 
  2. How long does it take for you to contact me backNo later than 24 hours. I try to get to emails immediately afterwards but if not make sure to wait at least 24 hours before contacting me again for a follow up.
  3. What should I do to prepare for our email session? Let me know what package you would like. Tell me a bit about your blog, social media, and/or business and how I can help you. 
  4. What if I want a payment plan? Let me know and I'll find a payment plan that works for you. Remember a down payment is always needed to begin and full payment is needed at the time of delivery of photos to you.
  5. What if I need products sent to you? Products will be sent to my mailing address (given by email) and once all photos are approved I will send them back promptly thereafter. Once products are received I'll begin the 2 week process.  I never keep any products unless you want me to keep them to help promote your business on social media and the blog. 
  6. How long will it take to receive the custom photos? The process will take approximately 2 weeks from the time of the down payment. Allow  1 day before emailing me about the photos thereafter.
  7. How do I preview the Photos before delivery? I will send you the link to preview the images via email.
  8. How are the photos delivered? They are sent to a dropbox link that I will send to you via email.
  9. How can I use these photos? Anyway you'd like! You can use them for your blog, business, social media, etc. Remember these photos cannot be resold but you can however give them away for free for email opt-ins.

Understanding Stock Photos and How it benefits you.

What are stock photos?
Stock photos are professional photos done by a photographer that are bought to be used for commercial or non-commercial purposes.

What makes Custom Stock Photos different?
If you are looking for photos that are brand specific, that is completely your own that's what custom stock photos are. No one else gets these photos except for you unless you decide to give it to them for free. 

Why does the process take so long?
My process is a lot shorter than most stock photographers that's because I understand the importance of wanting photos. 2 Weeks allows me the time to process everything that you like and whether or not I need to get props via online or offline. I then have to take the photos and edit them to perfection. I also have other clients as well so the process needs to be spread out so that I can focus on each client's needs effectively. 

Email me at to get started!

Include the following:
  1. Your full name 
  2. Your website or if you don't have one let me know about your brand.
  3. What your website/brand is about.
  4. What exact colors do you use in your brand. (i.e Hex codes such as #ffffff)
  5. What style of photos do you prefer (i.e flatlay, lifestyle, people, food, travel, etc.)
  6. Do you have products you wish to send me.
  7. Which brand package you would like.
  8. Any other questions you may have for me.
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