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Custom Brand Photography
Custom stock photography for your blog or business with great emphasis on your brand

Custom stock photography for your blog or business with great emphasis on your brand

Need gorgeous images to elevate your brand?

If you want your business or website to stand out you need awesome stock photos that will tell YOUR STORY...the right way! My custom photography packages are for you if you are ready to elevate your brand with styled stock images that are completely unique to your business!

This is for you if:
You are looking for flatlays, styled product images, or lifestyle images!

I can help you showcase your products and services through custom branded images!

Our custom brand photography packages are designed to showcase your products and services through cohesive visual marketing. So whether you are preparing to launch your business or website or need to rebrand with eye-catching killer images, custom stock photography is for you!

Custom Branding Photography Package – $250 for 50 custom styled photos!

What does it include? We'll work together to create custom photos that work for your brand. You get to select 50 photos from a complete photo session.
Where can I see some of your work? I'm constantly sharing my photos 99% of my blog photos have came from me! However, Be Sure to check out my Etsy Stock Shop, creative market, my Instagram accounts @color_u_bold and @cubstylestockshop Don't forget to subscribe to my email list to get a bunch of styled stock images for your viewing! 

Description: What to Expect! 

The custom photography package will include 50 hand picked by you high resolution images.  Every image will come blended perfectly with your brand and brand colors! They will not be reused or resold to anyone else! These are for you only!   If you would like to purchase additional images or hand select more than 50, you may do so at a discounted rate of just $5 per image. That's 50% off of how much I charge for a single image!

How much does the entire package cost?

The custom brand package costs $250 You are getting a deal! Final invoicing occurs once you’ve picked your 50 photos, and the final payment must be received prior to delivery of the final package.

How does the process work?

(Day 1 of payment)
Once you’ve made your order, you’ll be sent an email discussing what I'll need from you to proceed and some information that we’ll need to begin.

(Within 24-48 Hours)

I will follow up with you to answer any questions you might have as well. Don't hesitate to ask questions this helps me better cater you!

(Week 1)

Once everything is complete and I know exactly what you want, you’ll begin the specific image discussion over email. I'll also get you to create a secret pinterest board to see what you like in a styled photo!

You’ll be sent a  test image for approval, prior to our photo session. This will give you the opportunity to make suggestions, add props, take away props, and whatever other concerns you may have.
Once you like what you see, we’ll begin the photo session, Yes Please!!!

(Week 2 )

You will be given an opportunity to review all  images. Once you’ve decided upon your final 50 images, you will immediately be emailed a link to download your 50 Images. Due to demand, There will only be one 1 edit request allowed per image. Refer to the terms and conditions for additional information.


The entire process can take 2 weeks, depending upon demand and our schedule. However, You get the best photos when they are well thought out and planned!

Your photos will not, I REPEAT, will not be resold or reused! I however will be putting these in my portfolio for others to see the amazing work I've done for you and if you'd like I would love to link to your website so others can see your awesome website!

How many photos do I get?

The custom package comes with 50 images ( hand picked by you)  If there are more images that you can't resist, then it will be just $5 with a max of $50 total!  

What are the image sizes?

The images are Roughly 3648 x  5472.  The DPI is 300! All images and photos will be formatted with plenty of excess framing and white space for editing, applying text, for Pinterest graphics in portrait format, Instagram 1×1 images, Headers, Banners, and more (see the list below of how these images can be used)

Can you take pictures of a specific product?

Yes! You’ll need to ship your product to my address, in which I'll provide to you upon talking with you further. Provide a return shipping label if you want me to send it back!
Your specific product’s photography may take a little longer due to shipping times, but no fear it won't be too much longer! Please do take that into consideration.

What are the Custom Brand Photos good for?

If you need help with this I'll provide you with blog posts that will help you out! Want me to do the work for you...we can discuss that too for an *additional cost*

  • Website Banner
  • Website Images
  • Business Card Mockup
  • Etsy Banner
  • Etsy Mockup Image
  • Facebook Banner
  • Pinterest Image
  • Instagram Image
  • Twitter Header
  • Newsletter Banner

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