Email Coaching for New Bloggers

This isn't cookie-cutter mass production stuff, this is specifically for YOU and YOUR blog!

What Makes Me Qualified to Coach Anyone?! For me my superpower is more to motivate someone to want to work hard to achieve their goal When I help someone it's all about providing step by step real actions that make sense to their specific circumstance and needs. I believe I cater to new bloggers mostly that really want to have a successful blog but feel overwhelmed with all of the information out there! I create a no judgement zone when it comes to working with me so that we can really get down to the task at hand. 

"I make sure from the get go that it's not an overnight success story for a lot of us and we really have to dig deeper." 

What You'll Get Out of Working With Me
  1. A feeling of dedication to keep going even after we finish the session in the hardest moments.
  2. Step by Step custom tailored action that fits your unique circumstances 
  3. Making Sense of all the free information out there and beat overwhelm
    I want you to feel like it's just me and you working it out together like a big sister to a little sister! A Plan that will UNIQUELY work for you!

    I can help you with:
    • Motivation to never give up on your dream
    • How to get started as a new blogger
    • How to get Traffic to your blog
    • How to get followers and engaged followers on social media
    • How to Brand and Customize your Blog 
    • How to make money with your blog 
    • How to jump start a business and make it successful
    • Understanding SEO and Why it's important 
    • Understanding Pinterest and how to get traffic
    • So much more!

    Imagine if you could....
    • Have One on one help on a specific topic 
    • Speak to someone that will never judge you
    • Be able to email me anytime of the day during your session 
    • Step by step guides that will rocket your blog to the success you deserve
    • Help you realize that everyone's success time frame is different but worth it
    • Have more time to focus on what really matters and automate the rest
    • Get the engagement  and readership you deserve 
    • Start making money from your blog once and for all

    What to Expect!

    1 FREE CLARITY SESSION :To find out which coaching package is best for you! This is free of charge! 
    Take this questionnaire so that I can assess how you can benefit effectively from my coaching services and which plan is best for you!

    1st Week
    Up to 3 emails the first week

    We'll work together to determine your goal for this session. I'll also give you a questionnaire for *custom stock photos* to determine what type of photos you like and your brand colors.
    *Custom Stock Photos are options, if you do not need them, we don't have to do this step.
    ⦁ I'll set up a CUSTOMIZED step by step guide to help you face the following weeks head on

    2nd-3th Week
    Up to 3 emails for each week. I'll respond at least 24-48 hours afterwards. Mark Urgent if you need it answered in 24 hours!
    Any questions you need answering or  dilemmas
    I'll Give you a mock up test image of what your custom images will look like. I'll hear out your concerns, things to change, and what to add.

    4th Week(Our last focus session)
    Minimum of 3 Emails
    We'll discuss what worked and what didn't work. The actions that is needed to take after the coaching session and whether you need another month or another package.
    I'll provide you with a mini workbook filled with custom checklists and worksheets to help you continue your awesome journey to success!

    *5th Week (Bonus Week)*
    Preview your Custom Stock Images and see how you like them. 1 additional edit can be made for each stock image.
    Download Your Images for your blog, website, and social media!

    *Custom Stock Images are optional if you do not need them, we can skip that step! Custom Stock Images are free of charge!

    Who will Benefit from My Blog Coaching!

    • If you are a new blogger looking to make your blog a success from the very beginning!
    • If you are a seasoned blogger and have hit a plateau in your blog journey.
    • If you are tired of investing hours upon hours tirelessly looking through articles and feeling like you aren't getting anywhere.
    • If you know your blog can be better but have no idea the steps to make it better.

    Recent one-on-one discussions have covered:
    • Connecting with readers to gain higher engagement
    • Getting more followers on social media that actually come to your blog
    • Getting Companies to work with you and actually pay you
    • Creating a web design that converts readers into subscribers
    • Developing a subscriber acquisition strategy that fits your target audience
    • Creating blog post that people will actually look at 
    • Simplifying blogging and work life
    • Learning how to make a blog post go viral
    • Learning how to make money the most effective way
    • Implementing ways that effectively create passive income streams
    • Turning your website into a money making machine

    Testimonials from Working with Me!

    I can vouch for Jasmine! She has been blogging for a long time and I always see her stuff re-pinned 
    on Pinterest! She has a gorgeous eye for graphics, color, and boldness! She has experience and a great track record!-Sophie Areli, Founder of Club Money Bin

    Hey there I'm Kerona, Jasmine is more than someone who helps others I also consider her my friend. The way she talks and interacts makes you feel like you're getting advice from a friend instead of a coach. She has helped me boost my confidence in blogging and advised me along the way on things I ask. Let me tell you something, blogging can be hard at times and you feel like you want to give up but talking and listening to her advise and her own experiences makes you want to go on, so look no more because in front of you is an amazing coach and friend- Kerona, Founder of Ms Sparkle and Glow

    What first attracted me to Color U Bold where the bold colors. I fell in love with this blog and reading it made me feel as if I were having a conversation with a close friend. When working on I reached out to Jasmine and asked if she wouldn't mind reviewing my blog and giving me her honest opinion and criticism, imagine my JOY when she said yes. She took the time to review my blog and gave me tips like the true professional I believe she is and I will forever be grateful. I am still working on the advise Jasmine gave me and I refer back to her email and her blog all the time, they have become true points of reference for me. I'm excited watching her grow her brand and I feel as if her advice comes from the heart. Keep up the GREAT work!!!!!-Evalynn, Founder of


    Don't Forget this is What You'll Get out of Working With Me:
    • No fluff just real facts that will help change the course of your blog .
    • I give you information and step by step actions that is SPECIFICALLY catered to You! 
    • Not only do I work with you doing the sessions but even afterwards because I'll give you all the information that we discuss in a CATERED TO YOU workbook that will help you even after our session.

    THE Email Coaching Packages Include:

    Rewards Bundles

    1 Month:
    1. 4 Weeks Coaching Session   
    2. Custom Mini Workbook

    3 Month:
    1. 12 Weeks Coaching Session
    2. 10 Custom Brand Building Photos 
    3. Custom Mini Workbook

    6 Month:The Best Investment You'll Ever Make!!!!
    1. 24 Weeks Coaching Session we'll be able to touch basis on everything you need help on!
    2. 20 Custom Brand Building Photos
    3. Custom Mini Workbook
    4. VIP Access to Ebooks and Ecourses before anyone else via email  + MASSIVE Discounts...I'm talking 50-80% off!!!

    Get Your Free 1 on 1 Clarity Session With Me where we will discuss what course of action you need to take. Start Here and after that we can decide which coaching package is best for you!

    • 1 Month of Email Coaching- $100
    • 3 Months of Email Coaching- $300
    • 6 Months of Email Coaching- $600 
    • I Offer Payment Plans for each package!

    If you have any question please leave them below so that I can answer them!

    email coaching service for bloggers and creative business owners who are looking to have successful blogs and companies

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