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Helping Aspiring Girl Bosses Standout in the Digital and Real World!

Color U Bold is for all my Aspiring Girls out there that are ready to take a chance and be bold enough to go after their dreams. I'm not going to say that I know it all and that I know I can get you to your dreams any quicker. However, I can say that just like you I'm a learning and growing because I, myself, is an aspiring girl boss. I'm learning just like you and when I learn something new I'm not just gonna keep it to myself!

Color U Bold believes in STANDING OUT, STAYING TRUE, and breaking your own path through success.

Here are just a couple of things you'll be learning here:

  • Starting your own successful blog or business
  • Learning the Difference between Entrepreneur and a Solopreneur (they are totally different)
  • Developing an Millionaires mindset
  • Photography tips to establish brand identity
  • Blogging advice to elevate your blog and business to the next level! 
  • Gain confidence to pursue your dreams.
  • Up your beauty and style game as a Girl Boss so people will take you seriously! 
  • Creating a healthy lifestyle to succeed in life and live the most abundant life possible!


When I was younger, I was so shy!

I always wanted to be in the background never pushing the boundaries, never getting outside of my comfort zone but as I grew I had this urge to be different...I know super cliche but it's kinda the truth! 

I was born to be different!

It started with my style, then I started to incorporate makeup into my everyday life. It made me feel confident. I wasn't trying to be like anyone but myself. My passion grew and then I started this little piece of the internet to keep my passion alive! It grew into something much bigger. 

I thought I was supposed to hide my creative side, be like everyone else. Even go into the corporate world...Ewww!

Even as I tried to go to college for something I wasn't quite happy with. My creative side was bursting at the seams! I had the urge for more. I loved writing. I loved photography...A lot! Soon my Stock Photography was born. I did it on a whim one October night. I was nervous and scared to put myself out there. I believe without a shadow of a doubt that what we have to do is to be bold and brave enough to do things even if we are scared! Doesn't mean you will succeed right away but that shouldn't stop you. That is the only way to succeed in this crazy world!

I spent years trying to figure out who I was and it was like a light went off and said it's time to be bold...really bold! It was time to make my dreams a reality. 

Hence taking the leap to do, stock photos, custom stock photography work and Mini Coaching Sessions! Click the pink links to take you to these amazing pages!

So whether you haven't quite figured it out or just now figured out what you want to do with you life I want to save you the guess work and finally straighten things out and BE THE BEST YOU, YOU CAN BE!


1. I'm a believer in Christ!

As a Christian, my inspiration and motivation to go after my dreams has been able to get me through some of the most trying times. The one quote I will never forget is "I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me."  It has opened up so many doors...LITERALLY!

2. I'm the youngest little nugget in the family

Also the craziest haha! I'm addicted to color (obvi) and love to express my colorful side through interior decorating and my style! 

3. My Guilty Pleasure

On lazy days I enjoy sitting watch a good series like Sex in the City or Stranger Things on Netflix! I'm addict to anything Disney! I also have a mega fascination with alternative fairy-tales like Once Upon a Time...been there since day one!

4. Contagious to be Around

I always like to make people happy! Who likes to have crappy days, not me! So I always try to make someone smile each day even if it's just myself! One reason why I added the Fun Section at the top just in case you need a little something to make you happy! Ok rambling over haha!

5. I'm Sweets Obsessed!

I just love sweets! It's terrible I know my teeth will punish me for it soon enough! Yes I love cookies, donuts, chocolate, mmmm I could go on and on. Now I'm hungry, ok Bye!

Oooop more fun facts about me!!! 

So you know my name, you know what my blog is about but do you know me? Well if not get to know me with these 12 random facts about me!

1.What is your middle name? Sinead! I almost wish that was my first name. My parents named me after Sinead O'Connor a legend and controversial woman in her own right.

2.What was your favorite subject at school? Art...other subjects was such a bore!

3.What is your favorite drink? I love me some water...YES I said WATER!

4.What is your favorite song at the moment? OMG I have so many but definitely Taylor Swifts Shake it Off! I even wrote a blog post on it here!

5.What is your favorite food? PIZZA all day, everyday...well not everyday. Girl needs her limits!

6.Favorite book of all time? Any Book by Meg Cabot!

7.Favorite Color? Pink, Pink, PINK!

8.Favorite Holiday? Thanksgiving! I get to be around all my famly and I get to eat...BONUS!

9.How many siblings do you have? I have 3 brothers...so I gots all the protection I need!

10.What is your favorite shop? Thrift Shops all day!

11.How tall are you? A measly ole 4'11! I'm so short but those heels  give me life though!

12. I love Photography!!! Not much to say here the proof is in the pudding or in my Etsy Shop ;)

Thanks for reading!

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